Hi everyone..

I am a good friend of Ellen Brant's, and I joined this group for the purpose of delivering a message to you from Ellen.


She was moved to a private room at 3 a.m. this morning, and she apologizes that some people have called the previous number and have spoken with someone angry and rude.  :(  In any case, she asked me to post the new number for you.


Her room number is now 713 704-8633.


The main hospital number (in case she is moved again) is 713-704-2273.


Ellen speaks so highly of this wonderful group, and I know you have all helped her tremendously, so thank you. 


My husband passed away when my son was a baby, and my son is grown now, so it's been awhile, but I know how difficult it is to lose a spouse.  My deepest condolences to all of you.  It's devastating when you think of what  Ellen is dealing with now, on the heels of this terrible loss.


Please do give her a call if you have the time.  She really enjoys hearing from all of us.


God bless and comfort you all...

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Thanks Diane, I spoke to Ellen Thurs. nite and she gave me her home address. She also spoke very highly of you.Thank you for helping us and her. Ellen is a terrific person. Even as rough of shape as she is, she still wanted to know how I was doing ---- that takes a special person. Thanks again. Hugs.
Just a brief update, as I have not been able to get over here in awhile.  Ellen is still being pressured to go somewhere else and does not know how long the hospital will keep her.  She is faced with many impossible decisions.  Calls and cards are a great comfort.  Thank you all again for helping her spirits.  She really does have an amazing spirit...

What happened to Ellen?

It has been a while since I checked this site

and I'm in the dark wondering what they are talking about.

Thanks for any info.

Barb, New Years Eve, Ellen went to the store , and as she was crossing the parking lot, a s.u.v. hit her. She's in rough shape,spent over 5 hrs in surgery. I talked to her last nite(she's still in the hospital). Actually the s.u.v. ran over her, so you can imagine the pain she is going through. Hope you are doing alright. Hugs to you.

Thank you Barbara for telling me what happened. How awful!

My prayers go out to her. When you talk to her again tell her


I had a hernia repaired on Dec.6th & am just now getting my strength back.

It's not easy to recover from an operation when living alone.

But my pain doesn't compare to what Ellen is going through.

God Bless her.

Hugs back to you.

Barbara, Just tried to call Ellen,but she was getting an I.V. , so I 'll call her back. I'll relay your message. Sorry to hear about your surgery, hope you're getting better. I wish we all lived closer together so we could help each other out. Hugs to you.

I just wanted to let others know that on Sunday, the 16th I spoke with Ellen for a few minutes and she is still in pain, and trying to get the rest she needs.  She was happy that I called and she told me she is grateful for everyone who has been calling her and praying for her.  I'm not sure how long it will be by the time she will be able to connect with everyone on legacy.  But, she would like to so much if she could.  Believe it or not, she helped me.  Because of the type of person she is, I shouldn't be surprised.  Ellen is so kind and understanding. I am remembering her in my prayers and I am also praying for everyone here as well.

God bless,


Ellen called me tonite and wanted me to post that she will be having surgery tomorrow on her leg. Her leg is infected and they have to go in and clean it up. She is upset and scared. Please keep her in your prayers. She misses everyone here and appreciates the phone calls and cards. She doesn't know what room she'll be in after surgery, but she's still at the same hospital,so you can call and I'm sure they will put you through to her. Once again, please keep her in your prayers. Hugs to all.

Barbara, thanks for the update on Ellen. I am praying that her surgery goes well today. If you talk to her please let her know she is in my prayers along with everyone else on this site. May you have a blessed day.
barbara: please tell ellen that i pray she will recover soon i am sorry that i did not get in touch with her but i was busy trying to put on a baby shower on for my daughter in law she is  having a boy in may but i never realized how much work has to be put into this project. it seems when i ask 1 person to help me everyone else wants to put their 2 cents into it.  it i do not want anything to go wrong so i told me daughter in law do not let anyone tell you what you should do right now it is whose address i have to get and who's i have i am still waiting for addresses but if it was up to me i say you do not give me address you will not be receiving a invitation again tell ellen i am not ignoring her she is in my prayers always she is one of a kind person


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