Hi Stacy. 10 months is very fresh, honey! Im at 15 months and Im in a lot of pain and it’s up and down...

Dearest Staci.
I am so sorry youre having a rough day. I too try to stay busy and that helps me be in denial and not feel so much. I lost my beloved last April and it’s been 15 months now. And it comes in waves, I think the days it’s better is because Im in total denial and then when I get this small glimpse of logic and reality, I want to run down the street screaming (Literally!).

I also went to Hospice counseling, it’s free!!! and you can go as long as you need. They told me it takes about 2 years just to begin to accept it and maybe have some days of peace...and thats the earliest. I find that even if my mind is coming around, slowly, to be lieveing it, my heart is way behind and body is too. And I find that I am so angry at my B for leaving me. I learned in Hospice this is all normal too! Grief is almost unbearalbe and the only way through it is ---THROUGH IT!!! It also makes us feel so frail and fearful, period. 

Work is a godsend now, isnt it???

Please write to talk and to vent. And remember that even when our loved one is out of site, they are not out of heart and that our mind and heart are having a tug of war and your heart will WIN!! and you’ll get to keep that LOVE with you ALWAYS. I as a christian love how St Paul/the Apostle says “Nothing can seperate us from love” and from the Love of God. and that love ENDURES ALL THINGS. Eve death and in the future. I find great peace in knowing that nothing can put out the fire of love....

hugs and blessings, Vee, colorado, age 50, Barry was only 64 an was to retire this year as a professor at my local college. He was the most extraordinary and generous person I have ever met and I MISS HIM !

thank you for your listening to me too.

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Hi Vee, I'm also sorry for your loss I'm not sure hospice will help me much as I'm only 28 and he was 29 but I love this group everyone is so nice and so helpful I've been on it for a while now but thanks for the heads up on how long its really going to take to sink in. My 2 year old is the only thing keeping me going right now. I see my therapist weekly but I missed last week and this week ill set up and appointment for next week she's right helpful too, and I'm going to join a grief support group in September. I also find my self mad at him a lot I makes me feel better to blame him and get mad at him for thing he should be here for and now I have to do  it myself.

Dear, Hospice is for everyone who has lost anyone they loved. It’s not about just cancer, or elderly, etc. They offer FREE GRIEF counseling to all. Just calll them if you ever need them.

My love died in his sleep and we werent on any Hospice. And I was told to call them and I did and it’s true!
Hospice is a program and service for death and dying issues and issues after death. 
Just in case you need it at one point.
And yes, this site helps soooooooooooo much! such a blessing 


I'll keep that in mind thank you. And I just love this site just like you said a blessing.


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