Hi everyone


just want to vent for a moment - my husband ,gordy passed away nov 19th 2009.  He had 3 kids from a prev marriage.  They are grown adults.  I had not seen or heard from them since Nov 23rd 2009  -the day of his funeral - trust me its no loose . 

  Last Thursday nite around 10:30 the phone rings -i answer it - its one of his daughters - I want to speak to my dad - put him on the phone.  I hung him - now thinking am i dreaming - is this girl for real  my heart was pounding - i felt like i was having a panic attack.  She called not once  not twice  but 3 times - each time wanting to speak to her dad     i then took the phone off the hook and she then proceeded to contact Gordys sister asking to speak to her dad once agin- she said fine i will take you to the cemetary- call me when you are ready. 

  She was at the hospital when he passed away  She was at the funeral parlor or i should say in the parking lot most of the time drinking  and at the mass    this girl most have had some heavy duty drugs and booze that nite -  i hope to God she never calls back again - i kept asking myself how could she be so cruel and thoughtless  but then again knowing what shes like - i refuse to be upset about it -  it was just a shocking phone call


thanks for letting me vent


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Sounds like she was definitely on some drugs & had blocked out that her Dad was gone. Sorry this hurt you, but consider the source. Sounds like the sister gave her some good advice, saying she'd take her to the cemetary so she could talk to him. Maybe that woke her up, or sobered he up! Crazy.  By the way, venting is what this site is all about. You get to come here & vent all you want to people who've been there, done that & understand. Love, prayers & hugs!


Denial at its worst.  Sorry you had to go through this.

Mary, so sorry she upset you, but really, I now know how hard this is & don't blame anyone who falls victim to drinking or drugs... All of us want out of this. Some are just better abled to resist the easy outs. I have never drank alcohol socially, and even I have considered it more than once. It's just heart wrenching & extremely difficult to accept our loved ones are never coming back. All I can do is pray for all of us.



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