I loss my husband nine months ago. Everyday I think of Scott and miss him terribly. I wish this pain would go away.

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So sorry for your loss, my husband has been gone 9 weeks i know what you mean about missing, that terrible longing to just put things back the way they were...I think it is part of the process that moves us towards acceptance.  Here we encourage each other to take one day at a time try to work through the grief. I have found that mornings are the worst for me I have my coffee alone, cry and pray.  Then I try to put it away and get on with my new life.  They say the first year you are numbed and that shields you to a degree to deal with all the things that come up.  The truth is as Ashley said the pain doesn't go away it only lessens, and the missing him becomes memories.  I am reading a book "Reflections of a Grieving Spouse"  by H Norman Wright it is very good.  Also giving all the misery up to God to bear our burdens and grief that is the best advice I can offer. My prayers will be with you and for all the friends in this group.  Janice


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