Lost my life partner 1-26-2012. They said he had a massive heart attack on 1-20-2012. On that Friday approx 6 a.m. I was woken to a thump. He was at the end of our bed between it and the dresser. We have 2 children, our son who gave us our 1st grand child on 11-30-2012 is 27 and our daughter who is in college, 3 hours away is 21. That morning our daughter was home and heard me calling his name. She immediately called 911 and started CPR. Between her and myself we did so approx 15 minutes until the 1st responder got there. Since he was a organ and tissue donor we didn't have a autopsy done. We didn't want to compromise that. I at this time have not received the certificate. He was a awesome husband, father, son, son in law, etc... My mother had been leaving with us for almost 9 months, we lost my dad 2 years ago and on 2-12-2012 my mother,daughter and I were on our way to visit his grave site and my mother who was 81, with mid stage Alzheimer's went into cardiac arrest and we laid her to rest 2-15-2012. Tonight is the first night I have been home alone since my sweet husband was laid to rest. Tonight is so far the hardest I have had.

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I'm so sorry Kathy for your loss. But thank you for sharing this with me. So far I read a lot of grief. You are the one who really knows how that felt. I'm 45 and he 48. We married when I was 18. He was such a wonderful man. He shared all his friends with me. Im one of those who always loved any of his hobbies and stood by him with all of his descions. I never thought I would have to pay or worry so much about his love for his parents and siblings that was tighter than any family I had or have ever known. I just wish I could grief and hope to move on. He was in a couple of business with his family and I was just a employee before this and now I'm just finding out how the legal documents with that can be in the others favor. I'm so upset that the human side has to make them and myself make descision at this point. I just pray all the time God gives me strength to stay for a while longer for our kids and grand kids.

Kathy,  Thanks for reaching out to me and sharing your story. 

I guess the 17 days right after him leaving me I had my Mom to come home.  It will now be 1 week this Sunday that she too will be celebrating in heaven.  I'm now having to go back and have those full blown emotions I should have had on the 26th of January. 

I have had no blood related family to turn to since I was 18 and I'm almost 46 now.  His family was mine and being in a family business for 25 yrs.  Has been taking a toll on me.  I just hope I make it to do my job and face them every morning after not much sleep.  Now I having to spend $ just to protect what he tried to build for us.


I'm so sorry we had to meet like this but if I can do anything to help you.  Please tell me...

I am so sorry to hear your news.
Hang in there. It really is all you can do.
Big hugs,

Oh B~ I am so very sorry for your losses....first your loving husband and then your mother! I can't imagine your grief and pain...your heartache...just know that we are all here to help you, support you, hear you, understand you in whatever way you need....

God Bless you and yours...

Kathy,  Wow.  Amazing how I found this site.  Since my Mom had moved in with us for 9 Months and she had Alz.  I found so much info when I joined the ALZ site.  I really didn't know if I needed to because so much info goes out.  But I learned alot from reading the boards on that site.

I just knew things for me had been that he was always had the info I needed and I had noone else I could talk to.  He had all the friends and family. He shared everthing with me but they to have faded away with him.

I'm just so thankful when I do log-in to this site I don't have a best friend but I have someone who can relate.


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