When Douglas was under hospice care at our home we had many conversations.  As his time drew near I realized it and I after I told him it was okay to leave that I would be okay I also said, "Everytime I see a feather I will know that you are near me."  Well, it will be 2 years this July since Douglas died.  Last night I went into my kitchen and saw an object on the floor.  I wasn't sure what it was -- dark and fuzzy!!  Okay, a bug I am thinking.  Nope, it was a feather.  I feel better!

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Hi Brigitte,

I just wanted to let you know that when I feel little messages of which you reminded me with the feather, are the times that I feel somewhat at peace.   Intellectually I really know that he is in a far better place then this lifetime, he is in no pain, he doesn't have to worry or stress or be anxious any more, and whether he can hear me or not I can't honestly say I know he is 'watching over me' but just for those few seconds in time when I get that I 'think' that he is with me because I also receive "messages" the pain and hurt and heartache subsides temporarily and I always say, "Thank you, God."  When I read your post, I just had to add that I was very moved, it was so touching.  So, I just wanted to thank you as well.

God bless,


Thank you Suzanne.  It is such a warm feeling to see something that is so personal and know that our loved one is still here, watching over us and loving us.  Douglas will always be my hero -- and I have seen many feathers over the past few days.  I feel safe again -- like I always did when he was beside me!  Have a wonderful day.






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