As most of you know, I am new to this site and would like to ask a favor. I try to read all of your pages that I can to learn your situations so I can share and be with you as much as I would like you to be with me. I see that we have a profile info area at the top of our MY PAGE. I know its hard but if you could share the date of your beloveds death, birthdate, anniversary, little something about the way they passed, or anything like this that might help some of us be here more for you. I thought maybe I couldn't see what anyone wrote cus I hadn't friended many but nope nada for most. If there are reasons its not there I appreciate you telling me to shut my mouth or whatever you choose. I'm not trying to be nosey or anything I promise. This is a very personal site and we share very personal feelings. Setting your profile to JUST FRIENDS is fine but helps if I know that is what it is. I hope no one will be upset by this. I truely do want to be here for anyone I can and I know sometimes its hard to have to explain over and over what our personal situations are so once on our page helps everyone in the end. Thx and hugs to everyone. I too wish none of us had to be here but since we have been put in this place, lets really continue to be here for one another.

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Good morning Kathy, well you've got me lol,I don't know anything i'm lost I just went to your page and see where you have a profile up, well i tried to do it and can't figure it out lol lol i'm not to computer savy when i first joind i tried to set mine as privet so i could use it as a journal but that didn't happen either so i just write on my page. i understand what your saying it would help. sorry i'll keep working on it but when you have to share the puter you don't have a lot of time to figure things out so i just put it where ever on my page or the comment page lol i'll try.
Virginia, it looks like you have your My Page set to Discussions or something, very different from anyone elses. You might want to look to the right corner under SETTINGS and reset your page to default first and see what happens. Most peoples pages look similar to mine so I am assuming this is default..
I think this is a great idea. I would love to know more of everyone's story, if they are willing to share. I have added a lot of things to my page, I'm hoping I have it set so that everyone can see it. I love to share Tom with anyone that is willing to read about him. Great idea with this post. I'm going to go check out your page now.
Take care and hugs,
Marlena (and Tom)
Always and Forever
Kathy, I think this is a great idea and would like to share. I went to your page and saw your profile information. I'm not very good on these computer things so i guess i need to know where to find the box that you put your story in. I can find my page but not the box.
Debbie I am new to this site and everyone's pages look different but I think you have to go to SETTINGS and put your MY PAGE on default. Then it shows profile info and you should have a box like mine that says edit with the pencil and lets you type anything to stay there. Hope this helps
Kathy, I have been trying to change my page but it won't let me when i hit settings all the personal stuff comes up but nowhere to edit or to change i don't see a pencil i've clicked on everything lol. I will add the info to my page. thanks
When you go to SETTINGS and get your personal stuff there is profile, my page, etc on the left hand side of that info. click on My Page and it will take you to the other info, hit default. think that works.
Kathy, I was able to figure it out lol and got it wrote, i had to hit my blog and the box came up. i was hoping it would work after 1/2 hour of pecking like a chicken lol, lol thanks
If you can't get the profile info to post on your page, just put a blog instead. It works and gives us some insight into your situations. Love learning about everyone. Thx
Kathy, please check my page and see if I did this right. I wrote something just let me know if you can see it.
I added Tom's story to the front page of My Page, right after his pictures. I wrote this story over a year ago so it was buried after all the other posts I have since made, so I brought it front and center. I love to share Tom and our story..we truly had a fairytale life.
Thanks for reading. Hugs
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story Marlena. Your fairytale is amazing. Take care of yourself. hugs


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