Ms Olson:  I'm sure you meant well but frankly I was somewhat offended by your "preachy" email sent the other week and wish you had thought it out more before sending it.  I doubt you meant to, but frankly it gave the impression of you trying to impose your religious beliefs on others.  I was especially taken aback by your comment "If you are a Christian you will see your loved ones again one day......"  Can you imagine how this would make someone feel who has the audacity not to be a Christian who is mourning and joins this group, and gets that email?   So I guess your'e saying they'll never see their loved ones again?

If you wish to offer support, great, but I respectfully suggest you please do so in a "non-denominational" way.   This is not ""

I regret if this has offended you in any way but felt it worth pointing out and hope you will consider such things in the future.  Please understand I am not angry, but concerned at how this could come off to others.  The very best to you and everyone else.

(PS:  not that it's relevant, but since I'm sure many have assumed otherwise...yes, I am a Christian)

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what anger why cant people just get along life is too short...for this nonsense...

Bill, I remembered Dixie's posting but couldn't find it again to re-read it and see if I agreed that it was "preachy".

I just want to remind you that this is a forum where people who are grieving can come and express their feelings -- whatever they may be feeling.

 I understand your point of view -- but we often share our requests for prayers, our hopes based on our religious beliefs, and our concerns, doubts, faith and conversations with God.   And, while I agree that many religions (and philosophies)  other than Christianity, teach about an after-life -- I am certain Dixie did not intend to exclude those non-Christian believers from the hope of seeing loved ones again.  I believe she was only stating her own personal beliefs.

I was not offended -- and I consider myself a mono-theist, first, and a Christian by training and tradition.

Let's not be too quick to take offense, and/or set up censorship where none is really needed.  

Many of us, as we grieve, are going through testing of our faith, and I believe it is important to be free to express those feelings and learn what others have experienced, as well --  taking into consideration that we may come from many different backgrounds, training and traditions.

With much love and all due respect, Barbara.

Brenda, I find it ironic that you say "why can't we all just get along" and then dismiss my post with a rude attitude.  Excuse me for voicing a concern.

Barbara, thank you for your polite and thoughtful reply.  But pls keep in mind two things:  first, this was not a post made on the site, but an email sent to directly to each of us, which is a different matter, as it's addressed personally to each of us vs just being "out there" for whoever to read or not like these posts.  Second, again this was not simply "sharing" beliefs or prayers/etc, which is my stated concern.  

Put it this way:  what if someone had sent a similar email, but instead went on about "let's all praise Allah" and "if you're Muslim you will see your lost ones again" or "we need to be there for each other because there is no God" - ie just sharing their beliefs in a similarly worded way?  Would everyone have felt the same about the email then?  I think we both know the answer.  That is my concern.  

I knew some people would be bothered by my reply and for the second time, I regret any offense she or anyone else takes, I wish her nothing but the best, and am sure she is a wonderful person who just didn't consider such things.  But I felt this worth pointing out in hopes that others will do so before sending similar emails.  Peace


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