Hello friends                        I left a posting last night. I didnt expect to recieve so much support and wisdom.       shortly after the posting replys began to come in and i went to sleep feeling a little less alone.    when i woke up this morning there were even more words of wisdom sincere compassion. thank you all so much.       Brendan

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Know Brendan, that you are not alone on this site. We are all going through the same thing, and we understand each other like no one else can that hasn't lost a spouse. I have never physically met anyone from here, but it is my honor to call them my friends. We are free to tell our thoughts here, we do not have that freedom with friends and family, because the don't understand or want to hear it. So post away. May God give us the peace and comfort we are all looking for. Hugs to you.
brendan:i just want to tell you i agree with every word mary said this is why we have this site is because of our loss people do not understand until it happens to them i know some family members think get over it well wake up it is not that easy this will last a life time with me i loss a angel and that was my best friend my husband god bless
brendan, we are all here for you and for each other. As you have heard, we all have the same situations going and our lives will never be the same. Thats why be can share and care and understand. Through all of this we can somehow manage. We truly understand. Just being able to "let it out" helps us a great deal. This site is for us to help grieve the loss of our spouse with the people who have been there and are there.
Brendan you came to the right place. Ever since I've been here and met so many new friends who truly understand, I feel I can open up more and express my feelings of loss. We are all together in this new life we are forced to live and everyone is here for each other. The feelings won't go away, but I'm told it will get easier to deal with the day to day roller coaster rides. Please stick with us and together we will all survive.
Hugs to you, and we all understand so don't be afraid to let your feelings out.
Brendan, I am so sorry for your loss. We all here on this site have lost someone who was very, very special to us and we are all hurting very deeply because of the loss. The people on this site are the very best friends that you could imagine having at this time in your life. Each and every one of us are ready and willing to listen to you when ever you need someone. On this site, you are truly not alone. You are together with friends who understand your pain. Again, I am very sorry for your loss and feel free to communicate with us when every you choose. May God Bless You


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