As I was getting dressed today I got to thinking on my wedding ring and Bill's. As I have a small ranch and don't wish to damage my ring, I never did wear it continually, but always when I left the house for anything. For many months I wore Bill's on a chain as I know has been a custom but have been allowing myself more and more not to. I do believe I still want it with me and it fits the middle finger on my hand so have been wearing it there next to mine. I just wondered how most of you handle this situation. I guess I was thinking of your spouse's ring but I guess I do also wonder if you wear your own still. I still feel very married so the thought of not wearing mine just doesn't occur to me. He loved it and was so proud of the day he gave me the engagement ring and then we had it welded to the wedding band. Bill was cremated and therefore I kept his ring assuming some of you left them on your spouses when they were buried.

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Hi Kathy,I still wear mine and I have his inbetween my engagement ring and wedding band as it is to big for my fingers this way it stays put. I might take them off one day I don't know. hugs
Hi Kathy, after 17 months I still have my wifes ring on a chain around my neck. I suppose its time to tuck it in under my shirt but I choose to display it around my neck. She had very small hands and fingers so it wouldnt fit mine. I'm allergic to mine and my g-son has mine on a chain. Most of us choose to still be married. Hugs to you. Hugs are good.
Hi Kathy, I still wear mine and I have no intention of taking mine off. Like you I still feel very much married so I cannot imagine being without them.
Well, I have always known that I will never remove my rings, except when I lose so much weight that they won't stay on, and then I will have them resized. When I felt anger coming on I used to think he can't see my rings now, I felt it was all so pointless because I felt like they meant nothing now. But in the last few months, since my thoughts have changed I consider them symbolic of our love even if it's just for me to know. My 9 month old granddaughter will be the recipient of the rings that I always felt only happiness when wearing them. At least I have a legacy to bestow upon her all the love I felt for 39 years.
God bless,
P.S. Plus, hopefully it will steer anyone away who thinks I'm on the make because there was only one man for me, which was Danny. LoL (I'm not kidding, but, I'm just now starting to get my sense of humor back which was one of the things Danny loved about me.)
Suzanne, sorry I did get a big grin when you said that you were not on the make.I know most off us,if not all, will never be with anyone else again. it just was never put out there that way. Thank you for saying that. I am not on the make either and there will never be anyone else for me. God, thats a Ricky Nelson song. The emptyness and loneliness will always be here. We just have to cope with it which is easier said than done. Hugs to you. Hugs are good.
I wear both of our rings around my neck on a gold chain. They are very visible and serve notice that I am still working through the grief process. I have no idea when or if I will ever put them away. I still feel very much married to him and certainly not far enough along to even think of letting him go. He was the love of my life, my true soul mate. When I look at these rings, I remember the day we bought them and the day we placed them on each other's fingers as a token of our love. When I am having a rough day, all I have to do is touch the rings and I am carried back to some of the happiest times of our life together. He has been gone now for eleven months. We had twenty-six beautiful years together.
I'll wear mine forever.
thanks to all of you for your answers about the rings. I will continue with my husbands on the chain then because that did feel good and does remind others of my situation and will continue to wear mine til . . . .it becomes my daughters when I pass. I know the tradition of wearing black has gone by the wayside and my husband always loved me in colors anyway (I wore teal at his memorial cus he loved me in it) so I was hoping I wasn't being foolish about the rings.
Randolph, I didn't expect your reply. I'm glad at least you had a smile. ((Hugs))
God bless and give you peace,
I still do and always will wear my wedding & engagement ring and I had Brad's wedding ring re-sized and wear his also. We were both so proud to wear our rings to show our love and happiness. I am still married to him and always will be so I have no intention of ever taking them off. Like Suzanne, it steers anyone away if they see I'm not wearing a wedding ring (like anyone would be interested anyway) but there will never be anyone to take Brad's place. I am content to live out my life alone. Brad will always be my husband. He had a ring that I had given him for Christmas with 3 diamonds, a real "mans" ring so I had the diamonds taken out and had a necklace made for myself and my 2 daughters for Christmas last year. I wear that necklace everyday.
Barb, my husband had a ring he loved from his first marriage that had 9 diamonds. When we got married he took and had a new setting made and gave me 4 of the diamonds for a beautiful pendant that I wear continually too. It was not his wedding band and as you said "very much a man's ring" so I gave it to my new son-in-law. My daughter knows she will get the pendant when I am ready to let it go or pass, whichever comes first. These little momentos mean so much.
I wear my husband's around my neck. I took my wedding ring off the day after we had a celebration of his life. I wear my mother in law's engagement ring on my right pinkie, she died a week after he did.


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