As I was getting dressed today I got to thinking on my wedding ring and Bill's. As I have a small ranch and don't wish to damage my ring, I never did wear it continually, but always when I left the house for anything. For many months I wore Bill's on a chain as I know has been a custom but have been allowing myself more and more not to. I do believe I still want it with me and it fits the middle finger on my hand so have been wearing it there next to mine. I just wondered how most of you handle this situation. I guess I was thinking of your spouse's ring but I guess I do also wonder if you wear your own still. I still feel very married so the thought of not wearing mine just doesn't occur to me. He loved it and was so proud of the day he gave me the engagement ring and then we had it welded to the wedding band. Bill was cremated and therefore I kept his ring assuming some of you left them on your spouses when they were buried.

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Hi Kathy,
I am almost 19 months into this life and I still wear my rings and His. I couldn't let his ring go and be buried with Him. Because Tom worked for the railroad he couldn't wear his ring most of the time. He kept it on his key ring so it was always with him and only wore it when he wasn't working and we were going out. Someday, when I'm gone, I will share our rings with our kids, but for now I will wear them proudly. I still am very much married. In fact, I get a little annoyed when I receive mail that addresses me as Ms. I usually correct anyone that uses anything but Mrs. I remember when I used to be called Mrs. Unz and it always took a second to for it to hit me that it was mother in law was the Mrs. Unz, now I relish that title. I will forever be married to my one and only love and I will always wear our rings.
Kathy: Thanks for asking this question, it is good to see the responses and knowing what I am doing is what most everyone else is. I couldn't see burying it with him and feel I still have the symbol and token of our love that we pledged to each other. Having it around my neck and close to me is comforting. Do what your heart tells you to do. Hugs, Sharon
This is a little weird for me. I didn't routinely wear my rings when Gary was alive but he wore his faithfully. I love my rings but they're large and easily get caught on things. I wore them when we went out but not daily. The day my husband died I put his ring on my middle finger and that's where it still is. It's pretty loose so I have to work at keeping it there, but I really haven't decided what to do with it yet. We were married just shy of four years and each of us has adult children from previous marriages so I don't even know if the kids will get them.
I've been wondering how long I'll wear the ring. I'm only 49 and I haven't yet ruled out another relationship sometime down the road. Gary and I talked about these things because of his ongoing health issues, and I know he would want me to be happy if I found a new relationship. I would prefer to have him back but I know that isn't going to happen. He was the right man for me and I miss him and cry about him every day. I didn't take his last name when we married and I regret that to some degree, too. At the time it was easier not to change my name - after all I was already in my mid 40's and had a career - but now part of me wishes that I would have.
So I still don't know what to do about the rings.
Actually, I kept my husband's wedding band. My husband passed away 2/7/09. I kept wearing my rings for over a year. My rings don't fit my right hand, so on the left it stayed. I still wear my rings, but not as often. It really is up to you. It's amazing when I wear my wedding bands, some people commit on it. It's really no one's business if you want to continue to wear them. Our rings symbolizes love, and I will always love my husband.
I still wear my wedding ring and do not take it off unless it is absolutely necessary. My husband's ring is on his finger and my children have been told that when I die, my wedding ring stays on my finger. The diamonds and even my anniversary ring can be for the children or grandchildren. Our original wedding rings will stay with us for eternity. I am still married to the same man and that will remain with me forever. I cannot stop loving him.
I have my wife's engagement ring on a chain that I wear. Her wedding band disappeared between the hospital and the funeral home. I have my suspicions due to recent happenings in our area, but I'll keep that to myself. My wedding ring only comes off when I step in the wrestling ring to perform. Although I have met someone and we are very involved, Kris and I will be together forever. My current lady knows this and accepts it very graciously, even knowing that should we marry, her ring would go on top of my wedding ring from Kris. As many of you in the group who have been here a long time know, we were only married for 10 months, but that tie is forever and I will never visibly break it by replacing what she gave me.


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