I really want to find a counselor to talk to.  No family I can open up to. 

Its been 38 days since I lost me husband and 22 days for my Mom who had been living with us for 9 months.

Live in a small town and don't need anyone knowing all of my moves.

So how does someone seek this out ????

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Can you contact Hospice in your area, they are a good resource,  Good luck

B, I agree I go to an open ended grief support group there is like 30 of us who have lost our spouses. Open ended means there is no timeline you can go for years if you need to which I really like. I found mine through hospice I googled and found it through Henry ford hospital which is a large hospital in my area put on threw hospice and it is free as well. Mine meets every other Tuesday, I did notice the church has programs too, you don't have to attend the church I believe they are able to use the church as a meeting place. Please check it out it has helped us a bit tomorrow will be our 3rd meeting and as you I'm only 9 weeks in and knowing that everyone understands the pain no matter how far into it you are they just get it.

I do sends you my prayers and may God Bless you in the terrible journey.

trial and error, it took me forever to find the right councilor and then she retired and I had to find a new one. yellow pages until you find the right one.  Hugs and much love my friend in grief

I called the hospice he was placed with in the hospital for about 3 hrs before he passed. They could try to help me if I was willing to drive a hour north each time. Going to look into something a little closer.
Jane, I still have private insurance for now. I'm going to check with my policy who I might can go and talk with one on one. I feel like that may work better for me at this time.
I'm so frustrated and so lost. I know I'm a strong like my mother told me I was right after I let him go. I just so overwhelmed from trying to keep my grieving apart from his part in business (family) , his family and my job at that the business and also try to get legal matters handled in between. I will update as I find someone that can help me sort out my human mind.


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