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This might be a rough time for many of you. Do what you feel you need to do to get through it. Remember, someone is here almost all the time to talk to you.


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My love is gone...

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I used to love long week ends.

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Comment by Deb S on Monday

Chuck, Thank you dear friend for the vote of confidence. I appreciate your support.

I'm doing my research and learning a lot about flood zones, flood insurance, beach erosion, etc. My cousins are on my side and are incredibly supportive. They've lived there for 12 years and I will rely on them to help me make decisions. My plan is to purchase a second house and spend half of the year there. I received financing on Friday. This was the day two years ago when I was sitting vigil with Bob after making the impossible decision to remove life support. It felt like an omen. I had no idea if I could qualify for anything without Bob's added income. However, I've worked hard the last two years and was numb when I received the approval. It was a very happy numb.

I'm narrowing choices and plan to visit soon to check out the area in more detail. Thanks for joining me on my journey. You rock!  Love, Debbie

Comment by Steve on Monday

Mary Jane,

Who knows what will happen, Tulsa is not that far from the Dallas/Ft Worth area, once we are settled, I see several road trips in store for Chuck and me.  Texas is big and there is so much of the state I did not take time to get out to see.  Having a friend in Oklahoma could very well be one of those road trips...

Thank you for the invite,

Love Steve

Comment by Steve on Monday

Dear Deb,

The outer banks is the most awesome part on the east coast.  I fell head over heels in love with them the very first trip I took to them.  Each island is different and there is something to see at each turn, plus you have access to some of the most laid back and resilient people I have ever had the opportunity to meet.  I am partial to ocean living having grown up in Florida, I say go for it, the ocean has a way of calming and healing.  When I visit my family in Jacksonville, Fl, I make a trip to the beach and sit in the sand and gaze out at the horizon, it always brings me back into focus and I leave rested and renewed.  My sweet Bella loved the ocean too, she was never ready to leave and she would sit right next to me and stare out at the waves and sea gulls.

Hope you send us pictures of your new found life

Love Steve

Comment by Charles E. Nelson on Monday
Dear Debbie,

I have been thinking of you much of late, and was so happy to see you again posting. I'm glad my response resonated with you, because you too are starting to send out new shoots into the world. That makes me very happy, and as Martha Stewart says, is a good thing! I understand your children worrying about the added stress a new house may bring - but as you know, they are unaware of how much stress just sitting alone with our grief and doing nothing creates. Indeed, making plans and keeping on top of everything until you have your beach home will be exhausting - but what's the alternative? Playing solitare while watching old movies on TV? No my friend, I say go for the chance to live out something you and Bob dreamed about, knowing he will be beaming at your resilience and determination...and when you get tired, just sit on the porch with a cool drink and invite us all to hear about all your plans and arrangements. I for one will be anxiously looking forward to hearing them! In return, I will regale you with all the crazy things I'm doing as I run around like a loony version of Lucille Ball trying to pack things for moving!

Comment by Deb S on Monday

Chuck, Your response could not have come at a more perfect time for me. I love each and every word! Good for you for saving your plant. May it serve as a sign of your own resilience!

I am considering a big change. Last month, my family and I revisited summer vacations of our past at the Outer Banks. We had an amazing time. My cousin-in-law and his wife live in the area. Bob and I vacationed with them frequently and spent a lot of time having great fun and making memories. They rock! Anywho, I'm considering getting a second house in the northern part of the Outer Banks. I've qualified for a mortgage and am actively checking it out. This is a huge leap of faith for me.

BTW, my 3 grown children are against it. They believe it will cause  too much stress and complicate my life.  Only my friends here "get it". After two years, I need to make some plans and have something to look forward to each day.

I'll update more when I know more.  Debbie

Comment by Deb S on Monday

Marsha, I love your post! I gave myself about a month off from everything except doing whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. My house shows the lack of love during this time and other times that I've opted to "Just Walk on By". I even sing the lyrics to that song as I literally walk by the mess of my house. Today, however, I feel stronger and I am jumping back in and attacking my house.

I am so sorry for the reasons that we met but am blessed to have you in my life. I hope your day is better than the last. HUGS!  Debbie

Comment by Deb S on Monday

Mary Jane, I wish I lived closer to everyone here. That would be awesome!  Debbie

Comment by Mary. Jane on Monday
Ok, the reason there are so many errors in my posts here, is I use my IPad and the area I type in is about the size of a postage stamp...and although my eye glasses r only a year old, I can,t see diddly squat so I would like this to be an apology for all prior and future errors in punctuation, spelling and just plain weird use of the English language. That is it..carry on, kids.
Comment by Mary. Jane on Monday
I honestly think, Chuck, you could write a book...about the journey both you and STever are on. Your writing is exceptional, and you are able to weave a story every time you post.seriously, I would print out all you have written here, and possibly create a book. I know I would buy it. I think it would b beautiful. BTW! When you sell your house, are you and Steve going back to Dallas? I a, only about five hours from Dallas...and I have a guest bedroom...the invitation is always open. I must warn you, that Tulsa isn,t the most urban area..but you are welcome any time.
Comment by Marsha H on Sunday

Dear Chuck ...  In each endeavor you take on you always make such an interesting story of it full of wisdom.  I believe that wind came up for a reason and the plant lost branches for a reason ...  time to divide and separate the plants so the roots can become healthy and reach out to go on in life.  I read about auras for a lengthily time in the past and plants indeed do have feelings.  I was astonished to find out that piece of good information. 

I know it must be difficult for you to have so many changes come into you life and also leave your old life behind.  You are strong, you're going to make it and I know you will have a wonderful life full of peace and much needed joy.

Love & Hugs



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