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Just a reminder to all of you over these next few days. The weather reports all over are talking extreme heat. Those of you out West have even warmer temperatures than here in the Midwest or East. Please keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Hopefully all of you have air in your homes. If not, please find a friend or relative that has air and see if you can go there. Otherwise, find out where the cooling centers in your neighborhood or town are and use them. Please take care not to over exert yourself and check in here.

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Comment by Rolland Wood yesterday
You're Right On Trina...the Bible states that husband and wife become "One Flesh"..that is is like being cut in half, and yet continuing to live.
Comment by Trina Mamoon yesterday

Sorry, it's Rolland, not Roland. Sending you thoughts of peace.

Comment by Trina Mamoon yesterday

When well meaning people say "Move on," they really don't know how it feels to be the spouse who is left behind. We loved our spouses more than life itself, so moving on without them is no easy matter.
I feel for your too. 2 years since your beloved wife is gone and you still miss her real bad and it hasn't gotten all that better.
Also the saying "Time heals all wounds," is not very true. Time does heal many and most wounds, but certainly not all. Some wounds cannot be healed as they are just too serious and too big to heal. Perhaps time will lessen some of the pain and agony, but heal completely? For myself, I doubt that I will ever heal. I am like a person who has lost their arms and legs and has learned to adjust, to function. But do these people stop missing their limbs and stop suffering?
I, too, am sending you wishes for peace.

Comment by Rolland Wood on Monday
Trina, I can definitely feel you, next month June 27th will be 2 years since the passing of my beloved wife Janice, this month is our anniversary. I've tried to take the advice of well meaning friends & family to "Move On" forge new relationships,etc. But that's easy for them to say, they still have their mates and don't suffer from the grief of a loss that wont go away. I avoid mirrors these days, as I don't want to look into the face of a sad sack :-)..they say time takes care of everything, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. Wishing peace for you Trina. Rolland.
Comment by Trina Mamoon on Monday

Tomorrow, May 4th will be nine months since the love of my life passed. Nine months! Unbelievable! I still go on living even though the most precious thing in the whole universe, my reason for being alive is gone. How unrelenting and how cruel and how tragic life is! My darling Joseph's life was cut short and here I am staring ahead and looking at going on living for another 20-30 years. 20-30 years of loneliness, of missing Joseph beyond words, of pining away for him, of longing to be reunited with him. Please, please, can I be set free, so that I can be with the love of my life, the man who gave reason to my life?

Comment by Elizabeth C on April 28, 2015 at 6:02am
Thank you Marsha. Countdown 30 hours. My daughter is so excited. We will go down the Oregon coast and head to I-5 around the California border, if all goes to plan. I have actually felt excitement about going a few times which surprises me because It's opposite of grief and a relief but then there is the wave right after a momentary good feeling of dread or sorrow...the death feeling. It's been four months and the last few days have been very good as good as can be expected, I have been kept so busy the last two days with crazy preparations, new tires, tabs, car maintenance even test drove a new car, as I wasn't sure I could afford what I had, but decided to stick with what I have which are the last two cars my husband bought and selected. Everything is sentimental. My husband was supposed to take this trip with me, he will be with us in our hearts and minds every second of the way. Thank you for praying for us to have a safe journey and I pray my house stays safe and the Cat. God be with us all.
Comment by Marsha H on April 27, 2015 at 5:43am

Jane P ...  Awesome song!  Yes, it does say what a lot of us are feeling.  Thanks for sharing.



Comment by Marsha H on April 27, 2015 at 5:42am

Janeo ...  It's always so nice to hear from you and I miss ya girl.

Thanks so much for the compliments and I can't take all the credit as so many on here are pure angels such as yourself (even though some of us have crooked haloes.)  LOL

Comment by janeo on April 26, 2015 at 6:56pm

Hi Jane P.

How are you ? It's been a long time.

Comment by Marsha H on April 24, 2015 at 5:38am

Just to help those of you who are raw into grief here is an excellent link:  

Some of these articles say 4 months of grieving and some say there is no time frame and the truth is 'there is no time frame getting through the grief of a loved one gone.)  Elizabeth and Georgia, what you are going through is very normal and no, you aren't crazy, you won't go crazy and just go with the flow.

Hope this helps.





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