My partner passed away 3 months ago.  This was something very unexpected since she was not suffering from any illness.  She started feeling sick told me she didn't want to go to hospital she preferred visiting doctor next day.  Doctor had some labs done and she was diagnosed with dengue fever, they told her to go home rest and hidrate.  Two days after she had to go in for labs again, this day she could barely walk.  When doctor saw that her blood platelets were very low he then said she had to be hospitalized.  The next day after being hospitalized they transfused platelets to her, she started bleeding so everything got complicated and from dengue fever it went on to dengue hemorrhagic fever.  Next morning she had chest pain and at hospital they had to intubate her since she had problems breathing.  They took her to Intensive Care Unit there she was with her eyes closed with anesthesia, her family, friends and me went in to see her spoke to her eventhough she could not respond to what we said to her.  Later that night she passed away.


Wow, it was very horrible for me first because I never thought she would end up dying because of this and all your hopes are there since she was at hospital and they do their best to save lives.

It's the first time I experience this type of lost, it hasn't been easy for me since we had so many plans together, we enjoyed being with each other.  I miss her a lot.  We had a 2 year relationship so you can imagine how a lot of things stood inconclusive.  At first I felt guilty telling myself I should have pressured her on going to hospital that first night.  I also thought what else could I have done different so she would still be alive.  My days use to go by fast when I had her with me now they seem forever. 

This Christmas holiday was terrible for me I was not in the mood for nothing.  Every day I ask God and her to help me be strong in this process. 


Thank you.




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Would appreciate any comforting words that could help me get through my days.  The most difficult part form me right now is how to continue doing things without her.

Oh Milly, I am so sorry for your loss.  My partner, Jules, dies within 4 months of being diagnosed with cancer.  I am already dreading Valentine's Day and every other holiday.  I miss her so much.  I really will be praying for you. 


I know your pain and feelings. Because i also loss my girlfriend /Fiance only three months today. She was struggled by alcohol and i am blamed my self why i did not care more and took her to the hospital the day i saw her too sick. I was begged , pushed and nagged her to go to hospital but she tell will be fine. The night she had schizers i was terrified , shocked and traumatize . I did not knew that was her last night or last breathe. I am still grief, sad and shocked .her sudden death is tragic for me.

Pain never go away no matter what you do in your life. I have not talk yet any counselors or anyone. struggle my self, handle ,myself. When i saw this site figure out that this might help me.

Hope you are doing well. We can help each other and go forward.Peace be with you always.


Hi Milly- your story is so similar to mine.  My partner had a stroke in October and was in the ICU.  During a routine CT scan, it was discovered that she had stage 4 esophageal cancer. She was given 3-6 months to live and died in January. Even though I am 53, I have never had a loss of someone so close to me.  The pain can be unbearable. The weekends are so long that I am now grateful to have a job that keeps me so busy.  Today is such a beautiful day outside and all I can think about is how much she loved this kind of weather.  I talk to her all the time and lean heavily on my faith.  I will add you to my prayer list as well. Thanks for sharing your story. Karen


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