I lost someone who labeled me as his "Soul Mate" to cancer. We were so happy together until the age difference became an issue with his only daughter...I took a step back, but I never stop loving him. I wasn't there when he passed away...I don't know how to stop crying...I don't know how to deal with his passing.

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I am sorry for your loss. I have lost a lot of family members in the past 2 years and I feel your pain. Perhaps, if you would get a cassett tape and record everything you wanted to say to him and everything you are feeling now, as if he was lying in the bed next to you or sitting on the deck enjoying a quick lunch with you. Just speak and cry and pour out your soul to the cassett tape. It may take a few days to complete everything you want to say. I would even talk about the feelings that his daughter has inflicted upon you, and how much you miss him and everything your heart desired, but can't have now with him. Tell him everything, and then when you finish the tape, get a box and bury it, as if it was a time capsule. Only you will know where it is at and what kind of hurt you have released there. This does work, as my previous husband has one right beneath the headstone of his gravesite. I released hell, fury, and hate of his mother,his affair with another lady,and anyone who had ever made me feel "not good enough" for them as well. God Bless you, please take this to heart and consider doing this, the reward is immense. You see afterall, you win, noone knows it is buried there, except you and him. So you win, tell him everything and start to feel good about life again and grieving is a good thing, but you will have to get a grip on the feelings soon or depression will settle in quickly. Keep your head up to the clouds. Please keep in touch if you want, my address is wibgal@aol.com.

Hi Kristin, I want to start by saying I am deeply sorry for your loss. I lost the love of my llife, four months ago. He too was my soul mate, my best friend, my confidant. When I had a bad day, he brought me smiles. We talked about everything, and had plans for the future together. I wish I could say for sure its all gonna get better, but truthfully i'm not sure of that myself yet. I will say this, your loved one has never left your side, and never will. I know its hard, and I know you hurt but just remember coming here was the first step. And everyday will get easier, I still think of my Howie all the time, still cry myself to sleep at night. The holidays are gonna be tough, but if you need anything I am here. I know its not much, coming out of a computer screen, but just having people who have lost the same "type" of love  has helped me sooo much. I'm here if you ever need to talk, Take care of yourself.... "BIG HUGS"


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