I lost my father May 22 this year. He had throat cancer and had gone through chemo and it did nothing. Here is the thing about my father. He was a drunk. He had medical issues from drinking years ago and that didnt stop him. Soon my mother left him, they never divorced and he moved to GA to live with his parents.

We had little to do with him. But when we found out he had cancer we became closer. We thought he would beat it. My grandmother had breast cancer twice and won the battle. When we were told he had 2 weeks to live it was heart breaking. We put our issues in the pass and I was there with him every day. He lived for 4 weeks.

Those weeks were hard. We had good times laughing and telling stories and than he soon couldnt talk and never woke up. The morning her died I knew he wasnt going to make it through the day.

Like every morning my mom and I got him washed and dressed, he would normally fight with us. That morning he didnt fight. We left for the first time in weeks to go have lunch at a friends house, who knew we just needed to get out and relax. That was the best day but the hardest day.

We were having a blast laughing and enjoying ourselves when we got the call.

I think of that day everyday and it has been 2 months now. When do you heal? How do you heal? Going on with life seems so hard.

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