I live in MS.
My mother moved from AL. 9 months to the day and lived with me and my husband.

On 1-26-12. I laid my 48 yr old husband to rest. We would have been married 28 yrs in May.

On 2-12-12. I laid my 81 yr old mother to on the same date 2 yrs after I had laid my father to rest. He passed on 2-13-2010.

My mother was a awesome lady. She told me I was a strong person and she knew I could handle this. I love both of them and miss them like crazy. Thanks mom for helping me get thru the past 2 weeks before God called you home.

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You are a strong person. And you can handle this as your mom knew, but doesn't mean that you haven't had more than your share of overwhelming tragedy lately and that you don't deserve to cry all you want and to just sit still with your sadness and sorrow.

You, B. Walker, have a burden of grief that is more than the average person's to work through. Such a burden is bound to impair a body on many levels, no matter how capable and strong you are. I know because I am a 'strong' person too, and my bereavement counselor had to point out to me, that I am impaired right now with emotion and fatigue and survivors guilt. Impaired not in a permanent way, but just for now, allow your body and mind try to catch up with your overwrought emotions and heart. Be good to yourself is easy to say, and harder to figure out. But be good to yourself because in your heart you already have the answers to some of those questions which may be running through your head right now. Sleep, eat, walk, pray, sit. Be quiet and go to the sad places unafraid. Bless.

I am so sorry for your losses . I am currently caring for a lost precious friends son . She died after a long battle with cancer . She was a beautiful person inside and out . Now I am left helping to care for her autistic son who will never understand how cruel death can be. When she first died , we were all so worried about him . He would not eat and had lost so much weight . Now he is much better and we are trying to help him to cope . I remember some of his mother's last words to me . She said " my son is 33 yes , but in his mind he Is a child , he is a baby. He is my baby ." It was so hard to see a mother in that position . Till this day I remember her so vividly . Please know you are not alone in your grief . The whole world in one way or another is suffering from the lost of someone they truly love . Find comfort in good memories and look to the future with hope .


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