It has been 11yrs since my Dad passed now everyday I try to stand fast and be in my mothers shoes since she rests peacefully with him.  All though there have been many signs they are still around in a differant special way.  My mom was my best friend she loved me unconditionally like no other.  She was 82 when she passed but her mind was like a 28 yr olds.  She was so upbeat and cheerfull!  And would always say if you have a bad day you still have 364 good days!  There are many moments I want to shout out her name!  My tears are all stuffed inside right now.  I just want to do the right things that she wanted me to do.  I feel so out of the loop so to speak!

Its a start of a new day I think I might go visit her and Daddy.  I miss them so much, and I know I am so blessed to have had them.  I Love you Mom and Dad xoxYour baby Chick!

Now I will cry!!!


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cindy just read your post hope today is a good day. Losing your parents in death is never easy to get over your heart will ache with sadness, but you have to go on; As you go through this period of sorrow remember; The Bible assures us God "is healing the broken hearted ones, and is binding up their painful spot." Psalm 147:3


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