My mom passed away December 2, 2014,I turned 48 the day after we buried my mom.  She had Alzheimer's for several years and had been in a nursing home for about 9 months.  She had turned 82  October 30th of 2014, my dad turned 85 on December 14th.  I had been the main care taker of my parents for a few years.  I had people in during the day to stay with her the last couple of years.  My dad had been in pretty good shape up until she went to the nursing home and then he totally lost it.  Not only did i worry about my mom, now i worried about my dad and found myself spending more and more time with him because he was lonely. The Wednesday before he passed away, i stayed with him because he was so down.  I went outside and prayed if it was his time to go, go ahead, I couldn't stand to see him so miserable any more.  The next Sunday morning before Christmas I tried to call him to check on him, but he didn't answer.  I knew something was not right.  I found him.  They said he did not suffer.  It has been 6 months now and I still think about them everyday.  Things are getting better, mainly remembering good and funny things now.


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im so sorrru dad died in 2012 loss non stop his bst buddy bill died 2 i caled him unle bill 

im worid abot mum i am coz of memry probs

My heart goes out to you, I know how difficult it is to lose your parents. My mom passed away this January and my dad in November of 2010 both having battled cancer. It never really gets easier, though life does go on. It helps to remember the good the times. There will always be times where something out of the blue will set you off, and of course the special anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other milestones that we are accustomed to having them there for are always hard as well. I've found it does help to talk about them and to share the memories and by doing so a piece of them will always be there with you.

You'll think about him forever. It gets easier. I know, it brings a chuckle and smile to recall the funny and fun times. I hurts so deep because we love so deep.


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