Hello all, I am trying so hard to not be bitter towards my husbands mother, she lives less than a 10 minute drive, and my mom lived two hours from us. She calls non-stop for petty reasons always needing her grown son with this or that. I dont care!!!

I dont want to even talk to her. I am bitter and sad and mad becasue my mom is not here, she is in heaven. I cannot get my husband to even try and understand where I am coming from. i took myself of my depression meds. Its not fair, my mom is gone forever, and he gets to see and talk to his mom just about everyday. I have prayed about this... what else can I do ? I dont want to leave him, but I do have sisters and my dad that still live in my homewtown.

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I know the feeling. My husband tells me in great detail about his phone calls with his father. It makes me feel bitter because I lost my dad last fall and I was closer to him than anyone, so when he talks about his dad, I grieve all over again.

I am truly sorry about your loss. There are no words to describe losing a parent. I agree wholeheartedly that it isn't fair. The only people who can understand are those who have been through it.
I do understand your feelings. Some time needs to go by before you will heal...and your husband needs to acknowledge that. Mine actually sat down with me last night and let me vent some of my frustrations. My mother passed away 2 wks ago. His mother said something to me a day or so later that was totally tactless....and it hurt my feelings. She has done this in the past, but at least NOW my husband acknowledges that his Mom has No tact! That was a first. I really can't handle any contact with them for a while....I just need space. Maybe ask your husband if the two of you can get away for a while and renew your own relationship. Once you feel safe again....then you can take those baby steps back into daily life and accept what is. I will keep you in my prayers....it isn't easy. I cry alot too! Lean on those who you trust.


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