My mom Patsy ann Tharp passed away on June 10 2009.It only seems like yesterday.She fought for 6 years with lung cancer. We thought she was in remission but as fate would have it she developed cancer in the other lung and eventually pnumonia. I talk to her everyday, I still can smell her and i would give anything to just kiss and hold her one more time. I am so lost without her, She was my best friend, I know everyone says it gets better in time but for me its getting worse. My life feels so empty anymore,my heart hurts. I know i have to continue on for my family especially for my children,just somedays are so overwhelming.I hope god and my mom continue to bless me and my family,and as i get older i hope to always remember our memories.I love you mom always.

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I know how you feel when people will say it gets better with time and you feel like it gets worse. I also feel that way. I feel like it gets harder to remember and the longer your parent is gone it feels like its been forever since you last seen them. I lost my dad suddenly in Jan. I am the only child was daddy's little girl. At first it felt like he never existed. As months has gone by, you remember more vividly. You will never forgot your mom and when the shock of her starts to settle you will remember more details and more memories. I don't know how old your children are, but as time goes speak of your mom often to bring back the memories for them too. Your mom is always there with you. I often feel my dad when I am having a really hard time. I even talk to him aloud. People might think I'm crazy, but I need him and I can't have him with me. Talking makes me laugh when I think of how he would respond to our conversation. Just believe that God will take care of you thru this hard time.
I lost my Mom in December 2007. And I also heard It gets tougher as time goes by. Believe me It's been almost 2 years and It so hard. I miss her every day. she was my best friend. I feel like I have lost a big part of my life when she passed away. I feel so alone and lost with out her. I wish she was here so I can hold her and tell her how much I love and miss her.she had kidney and lung cancer and she lived with it for a year. god bless her soul. she never wanted to give up. she faught till the last minute.Every holiday and Birthday's that pass are so hard for me and my three children. I'm so use to calling her in the morning on my way to work just to hear her voice and to know she was ok. and I catch my self sometimes telling my self I forgot to call my Mom and tell her whatever happened that day. and i CAN'T.So now what I do is talk to her on my way to work tell her how my day is and what I'm doing and I tell her that I love and miss her and wish she was here. and I blow her a kiss in Heaven. I know my life will never be the same with out my Mom Lynda. I love you so vey much!!
Penny said:
I lost my mom in December 2008. Time has not made it easier for me. My head and my heart screams out for my mother. If only I could spend one more day with her. I long to hear her voice, see her smile, kiss her cheek, have her kiss mine, say I love you mom. She was my best friend. We did everything together. Now nothing seems right. I just miss her so much. My birthday is next week. My first without her to celebrate with me. It will be my 40th. I just miss her, miss her, miss her. I love her with all my heart. I wish she were here with us.
It is so hard to lose your mom,,I lost mine in April of this year ,,and feel a pain in my heart so bad that at times I feel I cant go on,,but I do,we do have to continue on for our family,,they too are suffering and we must support each other,pray to God every day that your hard times will be healing times


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