I just lost my dad to a heart attack, age 66, the other day. From what I know, he had come in from the garage with his wheelchair; he came in, went to the toilet, and then suddenly, BAM! as he was seated on the toilet to do his thing, he slumped forward and died right there.
I know I shouldn't make jokes about it, but I do admit it is one hell of a way to go. It seems so surreal when you think about it. It almost makes me seem to be obsessive about it, but I know that he's at peace with the Almighty.

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my dad died very suddenly too, either from a heart attack or embolism, or some such thing. Had gone out to start his van, had the key in the ignition but had not turned it on yet, and was gone. My nephew and mom found him several hours later. As hard as it is losing someone suddenly, in the end I am finding myself so grateful that he went that way. What more can you ask for? jen
First of all, I'm so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. We have something similar in common.....My Mom passed away Oct. 3/03. She got up during the night to go to the washroom, did her business and dropped dead of a pulmonary embolism. We later found out after an autopsy was performed a blood clot entered her left lung and her death was instant. It's been six years and somedays it seems surreal. On Dec. 8/07, my Dad Dad passed away of pneumonia. He'd given up after 4 years. He stopped eating and was drinking lots of Beer, which led to his electrolytes being out of whack, which then led to a condition called Korsakoff Symdrome, which is simlar to Alzheimers. The pain has gone away and I've moved on. I think of my parents everday and know they're together in peace.
I LOST MY FATHER APRIL 5TH 2008 @2am. he had been feeling bad for a few days with flu like symptoms, so he went to the hosp.on march 17th 08 st. pats day. he stayed at the hospital long enough to get meds,and they was paperworking him to go home.and he threw up. so they kept him.and they started a series of test, to see what was wrong. and they decided surgery, his appendix , so they waited a week before doing it, which in the end was the reason for his death. during surgery they clipped something in his stomach, and it made bile leek out into to his organs and he died of septic shock.
I am sorry to hear of your loss. My mother passed pretty much the same way on May 4, 2003. She was talking to my youngest sister in the bathroom, they were laughing and talking about my niece's babyshower which was the day before as my mom was so excited about it as my niece was pregnant with twin boys. My sister asked her something, my mom did not respond, and my sister screamed and I went rushing in there to find my mother unconsious and barely a pulse and she was already blue. We got her to the floor, my daughter started CPR and my sister would follow if my daughter was tired until the rescue team got there. They defibbed her several times and took her by ambulance to the hospital which was only all of 2 miles. They tried everything to survive her, but nothing worked. She ended up with Tachycardia (348 bpm). She had a heart attack in 1999 which damaged 2/3 of her heart, and her heart was too week to handle this rapid heartrate.

On December 16, 2008 my father passed away of prostate cancer which he battled since the death of my mother as we found out 3 months after my mother passed away that he had cancer. They tried every kind of chemo and radiation on him and nothing worked. Our whole family was at his bedside when he passed and I am so glad that we were all able to say good-bye to him.

With my mom, everything happened so sudden, none of us were able to even say good-bye to her.

I miss both my parents so much ... it is very hard not to miss them as they are suppose to live forever. I find myself crying every now and then, but it is a good cry. The holidays are really hard. Watching the process of my father's death was so amazing, but I am glad all of my siblings and family members were there with him when he passed. His death was so much easier to handle then my mother's.

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Remember all the good times that you had and the things he had shown you. It is okay to grieve ... we all grieve differently.


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