On Thursday Dec. 10th I lost my dad.A week before he had bypass surgery and did fine, was getting better. No more tubes, he was walking the halls. On Thursday his heart stopped. I wish I could have one mor minute, hour, week, month, and year with him. I love every second God let me have him. I just don't understand. His visitation is Sunday and funeral Monday, I don't think I can do this.


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Jennifer, I'm so sorry for your loss......how awful to have that sense that he is going to be fine, then have him go so quickly. I still have a very hard time thinking about that week my dad died, trying to get through the plans, figuring out how to get 5 tickets to fly to Alaska on short notice, meeting with my mom and siblings to plan the funeral......i just hated it. I hated that week more than anything I have ever hated in my life. I felt lost, and confused, shocked and sick- yet there we all were remembering what a fun and happy man my dad was, and how much he is still a part of every one he touched. he definately had his hand in all that was happening that week, and I still feel his love coming through to comfort me every day , if I let it. It is a crazy time, be sure to take care of yourself, and you will get through it......I know it is hard. jen
Hi Jennifer,

I feel your pain and know you will somehow find the courage to get through this for your dad. He wants you to be strong and to know he has everlasting happiness. I too lost my dad in October. It is very painful and at times I am ok knowing dad is no longer in pain and doing great things. It is hard for us to understand this whole process but we will survive with the love and support of family, friends, and counselors. Please write me if you need to at any time as I am having so much anxiety about Christmas as my husband and I are traveling to spend time with my mom. I don't know how it will be and my heart breaks thinking about this time of year without my father. Take care of you Jennifer.
Hi Jennifer,

You can do this! you have to be strong for your Dad. I lost my Mom this past November, and I had to plan every detail for her funneral, plus at her service I had to deliver both readings and her uogly. I never thougt I could do it as well, and by far is the most difficult thing I ever had to do but, I know my Mom was looking down from heaven and was proud! you need to make your Dad proud as well. Take care! Henry


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