I lost my beloved 94 y.o. dad to a stroke Nov 24, 2009. He was fully functional the day before the stroke, then all he could do was speak, swallow, & move his head a little. Mom's 90 & lives in the home they shared near me & my husband Richard. She's in good mental health, no dementia or anything like that.

I just wanted to share, not sure what else to say except now every night about 7 pm I have a severe longing to call the nursing home & talk to him or at least talk to his nurse. I'm an only child & am 48 will be 49 in Jan.

Well, thanks for listening.

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I feel you. Lost my 85-year-old father on Pearl Harbor Day (he was very proud of his WWII service and I'm sure he chose that date on purpose). I'm the youngest of three, an only daughter, 49 in September. My brother and I have both reported wanting to check on him, starting to ask Mom if she's talked with him today. I guess we'll stop that after a while.
Glad your mom like mine is in good shape and living nearby. I will think of you as the holidays progress.


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