I'm finding myself getting upset when I tell people I lost my 94 y.o. Dad about a month ago & they don't say anything! Nothing! The business women's group I belong to (newsletter editor) she said she got the e-mail & she'd put "something" in the newsletter - what does that mean???!!!!!!! "Something"??????? My beloved Dad died, for God's sake, have a little sensitivity!!!!!!!! Is anyone else dealing with this????? Even my sister-in-law whom I love very much wrote in the Christmas card to us "enjoy your holidays." HOW do we do that?! Death happens to ALL of us, yet nobody seems to know what to say - I don't get it....

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Karen, I don't think people really mean to be insensitive, I'd have hit your sister in law with the card, but honest, I don't think she meant any harm. I bet if you looked at every card she sent, it said the exact same thing. She wasn't thinking.

As to co-workers and friends, I really don't get it. This is exactly why the comment "You are lucky your mother lived to be 90" was starting to make me want to scream. Maybe people think that because your father was 94, he'd lived a full life? I dunno. Having lived a full life sure doesn't make their death any easier. If these women are your friends, you may want to ask the one you feel closest to why everyone seems to be avoiding the fact that your father died.

I am so sorry for your loss, I truly understand your pain and grief. My mother died two days after her 90th birthday and a day hasn't gone by where I don't cry. Hugs to you.



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