Normally I use positive affirmations to get me through, but presently it hasn't been enough. I am feeling myself slip into a depressive state. As I have expressed before, my mother passed away unexpectedly on December 21, 2008 at the age of 49. She was present in my life daily. Although we lived an hour apart we talked daily and saw eachother at least once, if not twice weekly. Im just having a hard time dealing with the fact that no one's here who loves me the way she did. Since her death, I've lost my aunt (her sister) and my godmother. My aunt passed at the same age my mother passed and the funeral was on the anniversary of my mother's passing (most difficult). Its just getting harder and harder for me. Ive never felt soooo alone. Im a single woman with no children and I hate the fact that I have no one. My only brother lives 2 hours away and we aren't very close at all, and my father passed when I was very young. My grandmother is elderly and is experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease. I have lost my excitement about life and have no passion for anything. I feel so hopeless. My friends had become family to me, but their lives are their own and they are all busy working towards their own goals. I am a woman of faith and I definitely believe that God has a plan, but I still can't help what I feel. What do I do? How do I deal? How do I go on in life?

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I'm sorry for your losses. I lost my Dad 3/25/09. I'm still in shock and denial sometimes. Like you...he died young and was in my daily life and loved me like no other. I feel as if a part of me is missing and have no protection. I have a husband and son and wonderful family and friends but sometimes still feel alone. My Mom and siblings are the only ones who know how it feels. We can lean on each other here. Do you attend church? Is there anyone there to help and guide you? Tell your friends how you are feeling and that you need someone to listen. I pray for peace for all us.


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