i lost my father two yrs ago at the age of 51......to deal with the greif i still feel is almost too hard to bear sometimes........how do you cope? i have gone on but how not to talk about them ? hard subject

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My Dad died at 58. I think it is a silly thing to be expected to never talk about the man who raised you and gave you life. Of course you can talk about him, especially here on this site. Grief has no time limits. You don't have to hurry up and be done. You can be just starting. I heard that in grieve it takes 2 years for the deep set shock to wear off. It is often more painful as time goes on because it is more of a reality: they are not here and never coming back. It hurts! There are lots of coping ideas. Some are healthy, some aren't. It all depends on if your grief is ruining your life now, or if your grief is something you are experiencing and walking through. Your Dad would not want the pain of his loss to ruin your life with a trail of bad decisions. Every Dad wants their little princess to be happy, protected, loved and cared for by those around them. Make your Dad proud by your life. Do something cool in his honor. It doesn't have to be big, it could be jogging 3 miles for the first time ever, in his honor. Or something he loved: hunting, fishing, sports, hobbies. I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad at such a young age. I know you must miss him as much as I miss my Dad. I can relate at the time lost. You are not alone:)


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