No words are descriptive enough to explain how badly I feel and how empty I feel. Even time has not helped I actually seem to think that although it has been 1 year that it has gotten harder simply because my mom has already missed so much.. My daily routine isn't the same without her. The phone does not ring the same. the flowers do not bloom as bright, I just can not even allow my heart to feel the same love. There is no love like to love I have for my Mom. My sister and I are very close and we miss her in seperate ways, we long for her too. Our lives have been cut short too - our Mom was only 56 and we still needed her and wanted her here with us. She had this sweet lil' vanillia perfume and her lil' gray car..... she could make that car go fast. Spring is here and I want to see her in her yard in her sweat pants with a little sweat rag on her shoulder working away at the grass ...... she'd spend hours on 1 spot of crab grass - she never gave up on anything or anyone. We wish that she would touch us, hug us - if ever there was an angel on earth it was her !! Me and Baby Odie look at eachother to look for any signs of her. We pick eachother apart for a comfort of being like her - My sisters hands look like Moms, my big eyes look like Moms - * Oh play me some Mountian Music ,Ma *

Ang and Baby Odie

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Hi, Angie & Odie
I was touched by your story so I joined so I could reply. I sorry for your loss. I lost my Mother on 2/17/10 she was 90, we lived together my whole life (49 years) I.m the youngest of 8. I miss her like crazy and it seems to get worse as days go by . you are so right how daily things just aren't the same. so my fear has been that what will my life be like in a year? so reading your letter made me see my future. my Mom loved country music and loved to whistle a song or just a happy tune. everything seems to be cloudy and dull.Your right there is no love like the love you feel for your Mother that's what makes it so hard to lose them, and miss them so much your whole body hurts. no matter the age the pain always comes with the loss. I'm empty and lost without her, but I will always remember your letter, to know I will always miss the things she did, and want to see her in places she loved to be. But we will take all the things they taught us and times they gave us, and hold them close and we will make our lives great through them. Sad times, happy times, lonely times, empty times we need to try to remind ourselves they are always there with us because of the love we shared with our one and only Mother. Always remember to talk about your Mom with other people, that's what makes her live on :) may you find comfort in this letter as I did in yours. Linda


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