I just lost my mom on the third of April of this year. I feel so lost. I was the only girl with 2 brothers and I feel like I have no where to turn. I watch my mom going from to being active to being taken away from me. Its like I want to pick up the phone and call her and I cant and that hurts. I don t know how to deal with this pain. I don t like talking to ppl I know, they tell me time heals all wounds and I am tired of hearing that. What do I do? How do I cope?

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I so sorry for ur loss but please don't let N E 1 make u feel bad about crying, my moms B-day just passed Apr 13 I cried all day on the 12th cause it still has not hit me I wanted to call her so bad and sing happy birthday in my lil crazy voice as I did for years she would say awwww baby that was beautful even though I know it was crazy sounding cause I sung it crazy for fun I lost my mom a week after my birthday in Sept 09 and I still cry like today is Sept 26, 2009 11:05am. I'm starting to cry now its just a feelin no one can say will b ok if they don't know what its like................I'm still lost:'~(
Stay away from those that keep trying to tell you that everything is ok, she is in a better place, time heals all.. What they dont understand is you all ready know that...what they dont understand is that your whole life is so different know and its not something you ever thought could be right ? I lost my mom just over 3 months ago.. I have spoken to a couple that have lost parents and they have told me it doesnt ever get better , the pain that is.. they say that you just learn to keep it out of your thoughts .. I can only tell you that others have been through this and they have made it.. I know how you feel about wanting to pick up the phone, it is such a empty feeling and sad...Try to keep busy !! Dont allow yourself to fall down so far you cant get back up. The deeper you get the harder it is to get or at least thats what I have been going through..When in need ask someone to tell you a joke and talk , talk about anything ..The more you try to find answers the more I feel lost..So my advice is try not to think ..lol.. It sounds funny almost like a joke but Im very serious... My tears and thoughts are with you !!
Hey Jenn I just lost my Mom on March 15 suddenly all I do is cry I stay in I don't want to be around anyone. She was my best friend all my siblings are quite far away so I just sit and think of her all the time I keep expecting the phone to ring.Its so hard to believe I'll never see her again thats the hardest thing I miss her sooooooooooo much. I feel like a part of me died with her so please accept my deepest sympathy Please pray for me and I will pray for you take care Lisa
hi jennifer i lost my mother april 17,2010 it was terrible i saw her die she had dementia ,parkinsons, and copd , plus diabeties i am sad she was in a nursing home for 5 years but i so her at least 3 times a week and i also worked there for over 2 and a half years in the kitchen,i think that it really hasnt hit me yet i am jewish and we sat shiva for 2 days. it was nice but it was draining on me and my sister, i think just knowing she isent suffering anymore and having pictures and some thing she loved has helped me good luck nancy


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