I lost my dad a little over a year ago suddenly. He had a massive heart attack and it devastated our family so badly. I had just talked to him and said I would not be coming over for dinner but I would take a to go, the next phone call I got was my son telling me they took Papa in the ambulance and they mentioned him coding or something. I will never forget that day as long as I live.

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Karen, I lost my dad just a little over a year ago as well- similar situation, he died very suddenly. the emotion of that awful day will always be with me, and I miss my dad so much.....but i will say, as hard as losing him suddenly was, I think in the end it was easier for me........I could never have dealt with watching my dad die a slow or painful death. He and I had talked about this before- his dad and several brothers died instantly from a heart attack over the years- and he hoped that when it was his time, it would be like that for him. he was right, no one should have to suffer- what more can we ask for someone we love than to die quickly and hopefully pain free when it is their time. My dad was 81, and had led a very full life........ I know i will always miss him terribly until it is my time to join him, but I have peace knowing we WILL meet again. take care, jen
I'm sorry about your loss Karen. I lost my dad on 3/6/10. He had colon cancer 5 years ago and they removed the cancer but my dad was never the same again. Over the past 6 months leading up to his death...he was in severe pain and refused to go to a doctor. I have 6 brothers and sisters and we all took our turn pleading with him to go see a doctor. On 3/5/10, my mother called me very early in the morning and told me that it was his 4th day without food. I along with 2 of my siblings went to his house and I woke him up and told him it was time. All the way there I plead with God to please make him not argue with me about going. He went to the hospital that morning and passed away the next afternoon. He had end stage Luekemia and had lived with all that pain. It breaks my heart knowing that perhaps he could have been saved. He always said that he wouldn't leave my mom with huge hospital bills and that is the way it was. I miss my dad more than words can express. I can relate to you when you say you will never forget that day. I will say a prayer for you today!
thanks, I will do the same for you
I lost my dad on 1/11/2010. He got up that morning, dressed, went to my mother's car to see if she had enough gas to go to work. He never returned. Mom found him in the car. The doctor said his heart went into an abnormal rhythm and they could not get it back in rhythm. It is my belief that he died in the car and was dead when they tried to get him back. They worked on him for about 45 minutes before declaring him dead. We all were devastated. The shock was profound. It was impossible to imagine that he was gone. Three things have haunted me since that day. First, I woke up that morning with a sense of urgency that I should go to my parents house. They lived 1/4 of a mile from my house. Instead, I went back to bed for a few minutes. I got up at 6:30 and started getting ready for work when my sister called to tell me that Mom "found" dad. I instantly knew dad was gone. I also knew why God was prompting me to go to their house that morning. As I drove to the house, not sure where they were, I forced myself to calm down in case I needed to do CPR. No one was there so I drove to the hospital. While driving the 5 minutes, I was overcome with grief. The night before, I had prayed that God do whatever he needed to bring my son back to us and Him. I cried out saying, "I didn't mean this!" God quietly spoke to my heart telling me that everything was going to be okay. When I got to the hospital, I knew there was no hope because they led me to a room where my mom and sister were waiting. Oddly enough, I knew this was what was going to happen. The last thing I will regret for the rest of my life is the knowledge that all week before he died, I kept thinking I should go over there but I didn't. That feeling was especially strong the day before as I was going home from church. I passed by my parents road knowing I should go over there. It has been difficult to accept the finality of his death and the realizations that I can't go back and undo those things. It has made me keenly aware that if I feel that something is right, don't ignore the feeling. I miss my dad but he is in heaven now with God, his parents, and his son who died shortly after birth. He spent 51 years with me, now he will spend eternity with his son. When it is my time, he will be there waiting for me. I look forward to that day!
Karen, I lost my dad just last week. The hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I had called him just two hours before he passed, and the last words I told him were "I'll see ya later!" he said "Sounds good!" and the next time I saw him, he was in the hospital bed, lifeless. His heart failed him, and it has just taken a huge impact on the community and the family... It is very hard to accept..
i lost my dad almost 4 years ago he died of a mssive stroke but it took his two weeks to die. worst time of my life . i have sister and brother i took me a week to tell them of the stroke because months before i was receiving calls from my sister threatening me when he died the house would be sold and the money split three ways i am living in the house still after my mom died back in 2001 he pretty much gave up he drank booze brother gave him two years he survived 6 very hard period for me it took a major toll on my health i have now severe high blood pressure a leaking mitral valve and 3 stage kidney disease the stress did this to me . i see what my father went through when my mom died my days may be numbered but i am fighting to try to survive the loss before he died i wanted to go in his place but now that i have a life threatening illness i am trying to survive. sounds crazy the stress from losing my mom and dad and the changes from it is what brought on the illness


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