Dealing with some major events, and wishing I could call mom or dad and get some support.  Mom has been gone for 4 years and Dad for 7 months.  Both my parents had some major health problems and was unable to take care of themselves.  I was their caregiver for about 6 years.  You never really realize just how much support parents give, even if they need lots of help.   Dad's death, I have had major surgery with a difficult recovery (still having problems), sold my house and moved into my parents house, had my husband's depression get really bad and have some major financial problems.   Missing have someone to vent to who give me encouragement with out judgment.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

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I know how you feel I feel like very day I have to make myself get just to go to work . I would feel better if I was at home. I miss my mother than words can say know one under how you feel trust me I know . No one understand or want to understand have to go though it first and thy will I no what you are talking about. I am still in the family home and it is very hard for at tax time and just being there is hard because I am always looking for my mother to walk up and say WHAT ARE WE EATING TODAY it just the little things that mean to much. I will keep you in my prayer because I am still there, God love and I love you too because we are all one with the lord
Well, I wish that I could call my dad right now. My dad has been gone for a few weeks now. I took care of him for awhile until he went into the nursing home. My parents have supported me ALOT now, I NEED more support.

My Dad's death has been VERY hard on me. I will be moving out of the house someday and that will be extremely hard on me.

It was VERY hard for me to go to work but, I'm making it. I miss my dad more than words can say. Nobody understands or wants to understand how I have to go through it first.

I miss my dad saying "let's have this for dinner" and other things he used to say.

God LOVES me and I know that.


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