My family will be celebrating my Mom B-Day Aug 5,2012... She passed away Oct 9,2011... I thought it was a good ideal but as it get closer my Heart breaks..... She passed away from Lung Cancer so we will be raising money for Lung cancer..... This week I cried like she just Passed away.... It hurt so bad to be without a Mom. 

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I'm sorry about your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

My family celebrated my dad's 2nd birthday as my dad passed away two years ago in July. His birthday was in January and we put flowers on his grave. He had a heart attack and a espohagus problem. I cry alot. It hurts to be without a dad.


Lori Sherry


Awww!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you also. We never knew alot of People Loved my Mom, She was a Sweet Spirit Lady... Her fight was so strong with cancer. She prepared her own Funeral. Miss my Mom


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