It's been 2yrs. since my mom's passing and I can't seem to move on.Every day it seems to get harder and harder for me to even leave my house ,I've become so depressed,I feel like a prisoner in my own home.I lost my job due to this,and I have this feeling of not wanting to be here any more and why am I here? I feel like I'm taking up space,like I have no reason to be here?I've talked to other people  but it seems like I'm still alone.I know deep in my heart that some day this might become easier,but what do I do in the mean time?Me and my mom did every thing together i feel lost,i took care of her for 3 1/2yrs.and sat there holding her had while see took her last breath it was frightful and I can't seem to get this out of my mind or thoughts,i feel so alone what do i do now?

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Dear, what you feel is natural. I have gone through the same. May I encourage you first to accept where you are. It is okay to feel numb or any other feeling that you have. You will get to a point where you want to get up even though it is difficult. It is at that place that you will find a new normal. It is almost like walking for the first time. If you feel like depression is setting in, do the opposite of what you are feeling to help combat that.
You can try a support group and if you only go once it is a start. You can go on line and find a meet up group, a place where you are just you and not defined by your former caregiver role. You deserve a new life while cherishing the memories of your mother. I used to speak to my mother daily and often several time a day. It took me a year to disconnect her old phone number. I accepted that I needed the number working and one day, I just cancelled it. Don't worry you are ok!

I'm so sorry for your loss.


My dad passed away almost two years ago. I'm also having a struggle also. I have to leave the house as I have two jobs but, even that's a struggle as my dad worked at both of the places where I worked at. I do enjoy life. I do think about "Why am I here"?. I feel like I should be here. I have talked to people and I shy away from people. I feel so alone and overwhelmed at times. This weekend is especially hard as Mother's Day is coming up. I know that it will get easier. I sometimes don't know what to do. My dad and I were really close. I feel so lost without him. I took care of him the last few days before he went into the nursing home. I wasn't there when he passed away. I feel so alone even though I'm not.

If anybody wants to write back to me on the website, please do.


Lori Sherry


Hi I am sorry for your loss.

I lost my mum in jan 2012 and I felt exactly like that at the start but as I was grieving for my mum it was beginning to take over me and I had to decide to do 2 things let the grief take over and keep going the way I was going or get professional help so i went to grief counselling over the summer there and it really helped me the way my life was going it was not want my mum would have wanted me to do. It was either start looking after myself or end up somewhere and to be honest with you I did not want to go there.

I miss my mum so much just like you miss your mum to and it is nearly 2 years for me as well but i had to make some hard decisions that i did not really want to make but had to in the end.

I have not said this to you to upset you in any way it is my advice to you on how I got through the pain of losing my mum will always be there time will change nothing for me but one thing i know in my mums memory she would want me to look after myself and that is exactly what I am doing.

Hope this helps you and again i am sorry for your loss.           


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