I just find it really hard to believe that it is almost two years since I lost my father.

He passed on 4-8-09 and I am still feeling the hurt and loss everyday.

I was his fulltime caregiver 24/7 around the clock.

He was bedridden for over 11 months.

He had colon cancer, stroke, amputated leg, G-Tube and many other issues. 

He was my Best Friend and I miss him very much.

It would be very nice to communicate with someone who also lost their father.

I do go to a grief support group 4 times a month but the people there have been mostly widows/widowers. 

I am just looking for someone who also lost their father to talk with and share stories.

My friends who never had a loss cannot relate to me, but think that they can.

I am so tired of hearing comments from them like: It's time to move on, You should be relieved, It was a blessing, He is in a better place now.

How do they know?

They should only listen to what they are saying to me.

I know that they mean well but it would be better if they would just listen to me and not offer their comments and/or opinions.

Can anyone understand and relate to me?

Please Help!




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Kari,  I'm so sorry you lost your dad.  I lost mine just a little over 2 years ago as well.  I'm still having a difficult time too- my experience was a little different in that my dad died very suddenly , and he was pretty healthy ,  though 82 years old.  I live a very long way from my parents, so my mind doesn't really believe he is gone,  I don't think.  I just can't really fathom it, you know?  I have not been back to their home since his funeral, and know I should.....I just don't want to be there knowing he isn't.  My mom comes and visits us, but I know she feels bad I have not been back .  I talk to her every day, and send her plane tickets to come visit a few times a year, but am not as close to her as I was my dad.  He was cremated, and not buried-  my mom still has his ashes and doesn't plan to bury him until she is buried with him.  Being so far away,  I just don't have any sense of closure, i guess-  no grave to visit, and the part of me that just doesn't understand where he is.  I have very strong faith, and know he is more than ok,  I just miss him here.  : (       jen



I can relate.  I lost my dad 5 months ago and i took care of him everyday.  It saddens me everyday that he isnt here.  I was his only daughter out of 4 kids and it is so hard planning my wedding in 4 months without him here to share in it.  Over time the pain eases but nothing will fill the void we have in our hearts of them being gone. 


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