Today is 17 months since I lost my loving father and I am having a very hard time living without him. I have been to some grief meetings since he passed but they can be depressing sometimes listening to others in the group. This is a great site because I know that I am not alone even though sometimes I feel so all alone in the world. It would be so wonderful to have a friend to communicate with on a regular basis. I guess I just need a good listener that has been through a similar experience, and I don't mean a therapist. So much to say but I am more of a talker than writer. Does anyone else feel the same way? 

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Yes , I too feel so alone in this world,even though I've been told over & over again "your not alone". YES I AM,most of the time.Even when I'm around others ,I still feel alone.To make a long story short:at age 12,I lost my 20yr. old sister,at 28 I lost my 43 yr old brother,at 44 I lost my 82 yr old mom,at 52 I lost my 63 yr old sister,last month I lost my dad,he was 89 yrs old.I held his services on my 53rd birthday.Most of thepeople I've been closest to in my life are gone and without them I'M ALONE.I'm not even sure this is gonna help me any cuz I'm so full of pain.I have learned to be a talker.I wasshy at one time,but I read the eulogies at all of their funerals.There aren't many tears now,cuz after my dads passing,I am now on anti-depressants.I cn't imagine how I'd be doing right now w/out them.I got lots of stories & memories..FREDDIE


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