I lost my Mom last year on November 3, 2009.  We were close as any Mom and Son could be, and I miss her more then words can say!  On the anniversay of her passing I invited my Dad, my Sister, and my Brother to my home and we prepared a few of Momma's favorite food dishes, and opended a bottle of champaign (It was her favorite) and we celebrated her life! then I went around the table and had everyone share a special memory of Momma. Although it was very special it was very emotional! IM crying more then ever now!  I know that my Momma would want me not to let this grief consume my life and, to move on with my life but, I thought with time it would get easier? but, it seems IM more sad then ever! can anyone relate with me? or IM I going crazy??

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Dear Henery, I am sorry that your heart aches with sadness and your grief consumes you, You're used to having your mom in your life and then she is gone, its such a sad feeling. The grief will not easily disappear you may find that for a time your emotions will be somewhat unpredictable tears may flow without much advance warning, Henery be patient with yourself its only been a year. I felt the same way when my mom fell asleep in death and after a couple years (for me) it got easier.You are not going crazy, this is grief that you are going through. Don't worry about the crying it may serve as an emotional release for you. Henery until your dark times start to fade draw close to God in prayer, and he will draw close to you.” (James 4:8) I hope, from my heart, that your grief will decrease, and that God will send his blessings to you.
Dear Kathy,
Thank you for reaching out to me! and thank you for such a beautiful message! Its true! With God all things are possible!

God bless you Kathy! Thank you
Dear Henry,
It's not easy to hold the thought of the blessing that your Mother was to you and the entire family, but ~try~ and think of that when you are feeling so down.

We lost my Dad on Nov 5, 2009 and then my Mother unexpectedly passed on Feb 20, 2010. Dad was born in 1930 and Mom in 1932. The thought I just shared with you, that is exactly what I am doing to try and comfort myself in my Mom's passing. It's not that I don't miss my Dad, but at the end he was in a nursing home. Dad had some mini strokes in the Spring of 2009 and in July he fell. He never came back from the 5 broken ribs. He went down and down. My Mom on the other hand, was spunky and FULL of life. She was at the VA doing the last of Dad's paperwork when she fell and hit her head on the pavement. She had 2 brain surgeries and was doing amazingly well. Then she collapsed at home.
My Sister in law was with her and revived her. 2 days later we had to remove her from life support.

Her death just seemed so wrong. Faith is what sustains me in that everything and everyone has
a season. I so dearly hold on to the LOVE and CARE that my Mother showed me and my 2 brothers in life. I know some are not so fortunate to have a mother who loves them in that way.

This poem has been a great comfort to me and I hope for you too....

Sincerely and with a Mother's HUG

Why Was She Here?

"When I faced the loss of my dear
Grandmother Rose, I asked the
question, 'Why was she here?' for I could
not comprehend a day without her
gentle smile and caring touch. The loss was
so painful. But as days and months passed, I
found that the pain I had felt began to
transform itself into something completely new.
The empty hole in my life was slowly
filled in with a warmth. As I lived again and
worked myself into a daily routine,
I began to understand that my successes
and achievements were her pats on the back,
her hugs when I was discouraged and her
stories of her dreams and hopes for her
children and grandchildren when I had none.

So, the question 'Why?' became clear,
I realized that my life was an extension of
hers. When there is a hole someplace in the
world, I believe a warmth eventually fills it.
When there is poverty, a richness of spirit
eventually comes to help.
I believe we are here for each other; to lift,
to encourage, to dream. Without that kind of giving,
we cease to exist. So, as Rose gave to me, I try to
give to others in my work, in my personal life,
in my charity. For me, that is why.
That is harmony."

Marlee Matlin
Academy Award winning
actress for her part in
Children of a Lesser God

What a beautiful photo of your Mother.
Thank you Deb for sharing such a beautiful poem! I will cherrish it forever!


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