I have made a lot of changes in my life. Change of Job, change of faith & almost change of lifestyle.  Change of lifestyle was the hardest to let go since I really believe I have a calling, however, could not continue.  After 3 months it is easier, since I have not changed my faith habits, prayer life.  I thanked God for my prayer life.  God does wonders.  I have loss my job due to lack for work.  That was kind of a relief and yet was not.  Now I have to find another job.  It is hard since I was not ready to switch jobs yet even though I was looking at job opportunities.  I believe through this all I am more upset with myself for settling with the job that I opted to keep. I was just happy to be hired after my last job loss due to lack of work. Which was my first ever job loss due to lack of work.  I guess that shows how the economy is changing.   I made a step further today & made a few more inquiries.  I really wanted to cry. I have not had a good cry over this yet.  I guess after my last job loss, and was only 3 years after both my parents died I just wanted something easy.  This job was not always easy; however, my experience I brought with me to my job helped a lot & I caught on quick which helped a lot.  I struggled a lot with this job, the way things had to be handled, the way we were de-humanized & life threatened  by a hand full of callers at times, and all the loss involved.   It really was a drag down; however, it was a good when I could help someone.  I don't watch the new anymore since I would hear about the tragedies at work through phone calls.  I really felt bad for the callers at times, acts of God, are nobodies fault and is really disruptive in a person's life and also life does go on.  So other things happen also.  Rebuilding a person's life is never easy.   I learned a lot on this job & previous job that people have a lot of resilence.  We can bounce back, it just takes a lot of patience, hard work, patience, hopefully team work and more patience and a lot of grief. allowing grief to come in the midst of all the happenings that have to be handled that cannot wait. Andyet still have to sit back & wait.  Just doesn't seem a time to relax and enjoy life. There is always something that should be done, or to be worked on to get back to a routine of life again.  

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I lost my job of 22 years three years ago.  I thought I found a new job in February 2012 but am feeling lately that it's not the right job for me.  I am not comfortable selling but they pursued me when I had not received many replies to all the jobs for which I had applied.  I tried to change myself to fit the job.  I work on commission and miss the security of a corporate job.  I am 58 and am feeling a bit of discrimination in the job market and at my new job.  I get depressed at the economy and the job market as so many of my friends are unemployed.  I believe  God will take care of me but must practice patience and wait for things to happen in His time. 

I am 53 and have only put in a few job applications, one of which replied the job was filled.  I am considering apply for a job that really interest me which there is a base pay and then commission. However, the base pay if less than $10/HR.  However, if another opportunity presents itself within the same company, it would be a foot in the door.  I really had a hard time making myself search for jobs.  I did not like my job loss and certainly did not need the free time; however, it is nice, not financially though.   I live in a metro city and close to a larger metro city so have resources.  Was just hard to get motivated to complete job applications and go through more updating of my resume; just what I did not want to do so close to the last time. I hang tight onto my faith in God and have a few commitments that keep be busy.   I have not quite found the discrimination yet; however, my older sister has mentioned it.   I plan on only applying at jobs that interest me; where I might want to work, would enjoy the work.    the job market is not what it used to be.  If I was younger, like 20 years younger, I would probably just get up and move to another state.  However, the job market is slimmer now.  I pray a lot regarding my job situation and know others are praying for me also.  God will put me in the right fit; Guess the right fit sometimes comes with a little "not-so-fit"  :)


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