I   am  trying to deal with  her passing as well as how she died. She died the result of a house   fire.

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Barb, The only way you are going to deal w it ,if tht is what we call it is w time the paimn doesnt go away it only changes.All you can do is keep you mind busy try to set up a routine and stick to it .I wish I could tell you its going to get easier IT ISNT NOT NOW NOT EVER .

What I can say is the pain you feel  will change as you get stronger .I am 36 my mom was 50 she passed 2 years ago of a sudden heart attack.My dad and I have no type of relationship left he is an alcoholic and very toxic I just recently made the decision I can no longer continue any type of relationship w him .The rest of my family ...well lets just say death brings out the truth in people and I have choosen to find my own hapiness and not include any of them .The way I see it is if you were not there for me when i really needed you like reallllllllllllllllllllllly needed you then now when i am just starting to balance i dont need you .look at it like this she is w god she is in paradise .everytime  i start to get down i tell myself i am being selfish she is w god .he has a plan for us all and he called her home so who am i next to god ? it helps

Dear Barbara,

     I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother.  If only words could mend your broken heart I would say them. Please accept my condolences and deepest sympathy and consider yourself hugged.


Thank you ,  it means  a lot that other people care.


Im SOOOO sorry, Barbara. Its hard enough losing a parent from illness, but when they die unexpectedly, its probably much worse. How long ago was this? I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers. I really do feel for you.




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