It amazes me to read as I read through the post at how many of us have lost both of our parents in such close time frames.  I lost Dad March2, 2010 and Mom June 9, 2010.  THey were not old Daddy was 69 and Mama was 66.  They had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  They loved each other dearly.  I saw them on a daily basis and the void that their passing has left is one that cant be filled.  THey both died at home and I found dad about a minute after he suffered a major heart attack and mom went to take a nap and when I went to wake her to go into town with me and she had passed away in her sleep.  I will say that finding them both has been the worst and the best part of things..I was able to close may daddy's eyes and hold his hand until he grew cold.  When you die at home it takes awhile before they come to pick up the body.  With Mama I was able the to wrap her in a blanket and sit with her in my lap holding her until they came for her..Life will never be the same.  I had awesome wonderful parents who were full of life and love for their children and grandchildren. not a day goes by that I dont cry and grieve for my loss.  The depression is passing but the need to talk to them to feel them never will.

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I too lost my Dad and Mom within 3 months.   I was fortunate to have had them longer

than your, as mine were in their later 70's.


Both of their passing sounds so peaceful.   Does not make their loss ANY easier though.


I agree, the need to TALK with our parents will always be there.   A million times I have wanted

to pick up the phone and call.   :(


Sending an understanding HUG your way .... {{{ Cynthia }}}




I was at home with my father he had Alzheimers,dementia. The phone rings at 7:00 am my mothers nursing home a nurse tells me my mother had coded. I took nursing assistant and knew what was coding. 20 Minutes another call she died had to tell my father that she died. That was so hard on me and him. She passed April 26,2009. My father went to bereavement for a short time was sent to Hospice. At three months he got worse I got a call from his nurse he won't make it tru the night. That was at 2:00 pm. At 8:00 he passed. I need a friend that will be there when I need to talk to. My email is my father passed April 16,2010. He was born April 26,1928


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