My father passed away June 22nd 2014 after a long battle with illness. We all knew it was a sad eventuality, but being that he was only 60 years old it made his death hard to cope with. Ever since I can remember he and I had been inseparable, more than just father and son, friends and confidants. Since his death I feel very alone and find myself enveloped within a haze of depression during the long nights. I am thankful he is no longer suffering but selfishly I just can't seem to be able to shake the depth of his loss. My two young daughters certainly help and I love them and my wife more than anything. I just miss my father and it seems as though the pain is not lessening with time, rather it just remains, an ever present reminder of the love and acceptance that was lost. I'm sharing because I feel I need some support in order to deal with this. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Rene

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Hi Rick, so sorry for your loss, it is wonderful that you had such a great  Dad and were able to share everything together. My Dad was 97 and just passed on Feb 6th. 2015  I to feel that deep pain and miss him everyday. We both were lucky to have close relationships with our Dads many people do not have that.  Our Dads would want for us to mourn a short time and move forward with our lives find happiness with our families and friends try to enjoy everyday our Dad lives on thru us.  I am thankful I found this site because there seem to be a lot of good kind and understanding people here to share and learn from their suggestions of how to get thru such a painful and difficult time; others that are farther along in the healing process than you and me.  I am still struggling but I know in my heart there are better days ahead for both of us.

Thanks for sharing.  I have never done an online group or face book before so I do not know if I am doing this correctly. Barbara 

I get it Rene.  I lost my Dad last October.  I told another friend that had just lost her Mom yesterday that I was driving my where I had a fender-bender a few years back.  I called my Dad and he was there in an instant to help me out.  I was thinking that my Dad would have crawled through broken glass if I needed him.  We just have to take solace in the fact that so many don't have those wonderful kinds of memories and that always knowing that your parents would be there for you no matter what.  It makes the loss harder.  It's good you are here to get your feelings out.  I started keeping an online journal.  If the depression is still bad, maybe you need to talk to a professional.  Again, so sorry for your loss and praying for your recovery.

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