This is my first Thanksgiving without my Mom.   She passed away on Sept. 26th, this yr.  and it was a short and sudden illness.   Her birthday was in Aug. and she had just turned 74.  Not old at all!    I have a sister 7 and a half yrs.  younger than me and we are still in a little bit of shock!    She was perfectly fine and then had surgery for a cancerous growth in her stomach.   She never healed and all her systems shut down.    It's been the hardest thing we ever had to go through.   Our Dad died when he was 49 from a heart attack.  That was bad but this seems so much worse.    Maybe because Mom was with us longer and was involved in the everyday lives of us and all her grandchildren.   Well,   I have to go finish getting ready for the day,   I hope we make it through!!   I feel like crying but I don't want the day to be all about sadness.    I'm also sorry for all your losses on this website!!  



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I completely understand how you feel Debra...I too lost my father not too long ago (9.21) and up until last night, I thought I just might make it through the 1st holiday without tears...wrong...It's easy to say let's just remember the good times, and I'm definitely doing that, but that is easier said than done. Hug your family tight and know that you're Mom & Dad are looking down on you and are with you today...hugs...Denise

Thanks Denise,   I am so sorry for your loss too!   It's so hard.   And the holidays make it so much worse.  But again,  that's when you hang on to your family and I think it makes you closer somehow.   Thank you for the kind words and I hope it gets a little easier for you too!        Deb


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