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Comment by Margaret Lopez on Tuesday

 Karen: I just joined this support group and read your story. I am truly sorry for your loss and your experience. Please know that my prayers are with you. I lost my oldest brother in February and its very fresh in my heart. I can see his big smile and hear him calling my name. I am strengthened by my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father. We all have different ways of coping and grieving and its ok.

I hope that you find the support you need in this group. Knowing that you are not alone!

Comment by gramaokie on Tuesday

Karen:  I lost my sister-in-law to breast cancer Dec. 2008.  My brother was found by our mom March 2010 from a seizure.  Eight weeks later, our daddy died.  My sister-in-law was was also my best friend, prayer partner, and more.  Although her death was not sudden, it was difficult.  Then, losing my brother and my daddy so close together and unexpectedly was more pain than I thought possible.  DRG's comments are right on.  Grieve however gets you through the day.  Please know there are no rules or time limits for grieving.  I encourage you to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally to the best of your ability at this time.  This site has helped me many times when I needed to vent my heart-ache.  Sorry you didn't get response to your first post.  

Comment by DRG on Tuesday

As Tracey said, please do not think you are alone.  There are so many people who share the same feelings you are feeling and have also experienced loss.  I can't imagine what you are going through but everyone here is missing someone.  My story is I lost 3 of my sisters.  The first when I was only 5, (she was 10) the second when I was 14(she was 10) and the 3rd, last year, when I was 46 (she was 53).  Don't try to "get over it" as those who have not experienced this might suggest.  You can't.  You will learn to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and I promise, you will laugh and smile again, in time.  If you think talking to a professional would help, then by all means, do it.  In my experience, take things one day at a time and don;'f ever think about the why.  You will never get any acceptable answer.  Cry when you need.  What has most helped me throughout my life is putting my energy toward something that can make the difference in another persons life.  Find your nitch and focus your energy there.  It will occupy your thoughts and provide help to someone or something that really needs it.  By doing this, you will get the help you need too.  DRG

Comment by Karen Liller on Tuesday

Hi Karen and Tracey;

I am really sorry for your loss of you siblings and Karen-also your sister-in-law.  I saw your previous message but did not understand it-I am glad you added more information.  i lost my sister Lisa on November 7, 2013 and really so sad that her first anniversary is coming up.  I too lost part of myself with Lisa.  She was my best friend.  This is a great community so please keep writing to us.  

God Bless You and I hope you find some peace in the days ahead.

Karen Liller

Comment by Tracey S on Tuesday

Hi Karen,

I am so sorry for your loss.  I too lost my brother to a senseless act almost 2 years ago.  I also feel as though a part of me died with him; how could we not lose a part of ourselves when someone we are so close to for our entire lives is suddenly ripped away?  And for you to be also mourning your sister in law must be so incredibly painful.  While we may not always speak out right away, we are here.  I am here.

David was the most important person in my life since I was 6 years old and he when I lost him, I lost a lot of who I used to be.  
Please know that you are not alone and that others share the pain you feel.


Comment by Karen. Davison on Tuesday
I was hoping for some supprt,but i have heard from no-one. ..dissapointed.I joined because i really donthave have anyone to talk to.Lost my brother (newlyweds) ,whom were killed on a motorcycle, a van pulled in front of them,then a vehicle actually drove over Lisa.No one has turned themself in.My heart is broken, i was extremely close to my brother
and loved his wife.I think a part of me died on Sept 27th,when they did
Comment by Karen. Davison on October 21, 2014 at 8:27pm
lost my bother and his wife recently in a motorcycle accident.
Comment by Danielle McEwen on October 14, 2014 at 8:41am

This weekend as we celebrated Thanksgiving (Canada) I felt the joy of all that I was thankful for, but at the same time, I felt at such a loss as I kept thinking that my little sister should have been there. I drempt of her this weekend and in the dream, I dreamt that she was still alive and that I convinced her to stay and she kept saying that she was alright and that she was happy. I think that was her way of coming to see me on this holiday to spend time with me. I know that it sounds hokey, but I truely believe that she made it so that she was a part of out thanksgiving by coming to me in my dream. Needless to say, it was not enough and now I miss her more than ever, but it does offer a little comfort. She left us 14 months ago.

Comment by Karen Liller on October 13, 2014 at 7:22am

Hi Kimberly-

I am so sorry for your loss.  My sister's first year anniversary will be November 7th.  Yesterday my mom and I went and put flowers on her resting spot and my Dad's.  It seems very wrong she is there.  She was only 49 years old.  The tears for us continue.  

I hope you take care and you find peace in the days ahead.



Comment by Kimberly on October 10, 2014 at 10:26pm

Today marked one year since losing my beloved big sister. It still hurts so much that she's gone. I can hardly believe it's even been that long. But then again, it's still hard to believe she's not back in our hometown, doing her own thing. A lot of tears today. I love and miss you big sister <3


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