Hello, my name is Tawana and I just joined. I lost my brother a little over a year agob (6/24/12) and it still doesn't seem real. I still keep thinking that we are going to bring him home from the hospital. Just the other night I dreamt that my brothet surprised us and came home. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Hi Dreams, My name is Sharon I had dream about month ago about my brother it was summer and I a was at my daughter's place and I dreamed the the brother walked by the window of their bedroom but when I went to the front door he wasn't there

Hi, Tawana, my name is Michele & I lost my brother almost 4 months ago. Yes, It doesn't seem real, keep thinking the same thing, that he's gonna walk in any minute. We all keep having weird dreams about him, (some good, some bad.)Not really sure if this gets any better??? We know he's in peace now, just still don't understand some things. We had dinner one night with him, & the next night he was rushed to hospital with a massive Heart attack. For me, it does help talking to people that feel the same way!! We also love talking about my brother & the things he use to do & say! Sometimes I think he's gonna call & say hes fine, he was joking, ( he was a big prankster.) Weird I guess!
Hi Tawana- Sorry for the loss of your brother. My name is Sandy. My brother passed away 18 mos ago. His passing was unexpected. He lived 1,200 miles away but we talked often on the phone. I have had many dreams over the last year and a half. In fact- he just appeared in a brief one last night. Many of my dreams involve me finding him alive under the witness protection program, or him returning from the dead. The dreams seem so real. I used to wake-up sad that the dream wasn't real and grieve his loss all over again. Lately,however, since the frequency of the dreams are diminishing- I'm happy & grateful for any of his appearances in my dreams. ((Hugs)) to you and your family- and to all others who have suffered the loss of a brother.
Hello everyone. Thank you all for your responses. Realizing in this grieving process you can feel alone but knowing that others experience the same thing makes it easier to come to grips with the loss. I have spent this last year caring for my mom who is having a difficult time since my brother's passing that I really did not pay much attention to my own feelings. Finding it hard to deal with the of loss of my brother for being so concerned for my mother. Learning that it doesn't get easier you just learn how to cope.


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