Last Saturday I said goodbye to my neighbor Jack Crosier who was my neighbor and super close friend. Last month I buried my cousin Lynn Harris. She was 51 , survived bone marrow cancer with 5 years of treatment and then was struck head-on by a second offense drunk driver,spent 59 days in a coma, revived for a year but was unable to recover from massive injuries to her abdomen and spine and died leaving her son, daughter and husband. A month before Mary Lynn her namesake, my Aunt Mary Miller died from leukemia. My oldest brother Alan died the day after Christmas 2012 and my dad died December 12, 2011; 13 days before Christmas. In April my neighbor Chris Kader was working on a breezy day in his back yard garden and a 70 foot tall red oak tree fell on him and killed him at age 52. Thank GOD for Jesus. Man is my heart heavy.

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I am so very sorry for so much loss !!!   I really really dont know if I could survive all of that myself.  Im barely able to get past losing my brother.   Stay strong William.  You are an inspiration!!!  God bless you.  ~ Linda H.

William, I cannot phathom the losses you've described. I'm sorry to hear about all you've had to endure. My parents are devout Christians but death has the ability to make even the most faithful pose the question of "Why"? When my brother died my father said, "My heart is extremely heavy". It was the only time I've ever seen him cry. I hope your faith can sustain and comfort you.


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