Yes,life is going on,but without my brother in my life.The purpose of my life,sometimes I wonder.Thinking rationally,the heartache you leave behind in the family can last for years.Thinking irrationally,you don't think,you're just in pain.And I feel that heartache and I feel that devastation and it will last the rest of my life.

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That't's how I think too elyse.

I see Candace's girl's growing up but the hardest thing will be when my lil bro's daughter gets married. She asked me, "who will give me away?". I said, "Grandpa" and I hope he's still her for her because he just turned 89. My Dad told me he'd live to 120, so we're good!

Dear Elyse:

I know what you mean.  The pain for me is often as raw as when the loss of my sister first happened.  It is true though that we go on and my sister even told me that about a month before she went home with the Lord.  She said you have to go on Karen but she thought family gatherings would be difficult as she is not there with us.  And they are hard.  But I try and feel her presence everyday and will never forget the love we had and have for one another as sisters.

Take care and I hope life becomes kinder.


It's a struggle to accept the fact that my brother is no longer here.I keep relaying in my mind the last day I saw my brother,the day he went missing and the day he was found.I know I shouldn't be so preoccupied but it's because I'm struggling with accepting the reason why.I saw my brother the day before,but the day he went missing,we had texted each other and I REGRET that.I wished I had spoken to him,to hear his voice one last time.

HIi Elyse:

 It is so hard not have regrets but I know your brother would not want you regretting anything.  Your love for him is so clear through your posts and I know he knew how much you cared.  I know that my sister knew she was loved.

Please take care,


Not a day goes by that Doug's image isn't in my head.I know his wife, daughter, my Dad, sister, brother and friends think of him often too!!! He's a natural comedian and always had me laughing uncontrollably on the phone. He'll be missed! I'm mad! WHY is he gone!!! He's such a fair and honest guy!!! Great Father. Exceptional brother! He should BE HERE!!!

Hi there-

I think that goes ditto for all of us about our loved ones.  I live for the day we will once again be reunited.

Take care,



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