My mind is unsettled,it's been 2 yrs that my brother is gone,in a drowning.I seem to be obsessed with the loss of my brother and the manner of how he passed.My thoughts consume my mind.The answers I'm seeking may not be found.I read others posts in which they also say about having unanswered questions.I keep thinking of my brother,that he's gone,gone forever.It's so hard to live life without my brother and in the future I will need him more.

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I can relate to this.  I have so many questions.  For a long time after my brother died I would describe myself as confused.  I still have many questions but I guess I have come to grips with the fact that many of them will never be answered.  I guess one thing I am looking for is someone who will at least acknowledge that my questions are valid and someone who will help me seek the answers even if they may never be found.  Someone who is willing to say with me that it is OK to question.  

Why won't his doctor's answer your questions?


The questions I have can't be answered by a doctor. I know the physical reason why he died.

My little bro passed Sept. 22 '14. He had PHT, PulmonaryHyperTension. SO ironic because he's a Respiratory Therapist! Maybe it's transferable from patients and he should've been inoculated or worn a mask at least! Hopefully in the future people will be better prepared! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. My brother has a wife and very smart daughter, who's going to school to become a doctor. Her Mom's a nurse. I believe the Lord takes a person to spare them from horrifying details.

Being a Respiratory Therapist, my brother dealt with patients with heart and lung problems. When he got PHT, he had lung issues so I wanted to give him one of my lungs but he said, "it won't be a good outcome". He ended up passing from a heart attack. His wife was with him; she slept there. His daughter was en route and I was getting a ride there Thurs, but he passed Monday!!! The two things he treated patients for AND HE PASSED FROM THE SAME THING!!!

It's now 2 yrs 9 months that my brother/only sibling is gone.I go to a monthly bereavement group,though I can't speak of what happened to my brother,other than he went missing and three days later his body was found in the lake.So it stays within me,until I find a safe outlet.Even here,I start to type something,then I delete it and then type again.I should be able to express what I feel here,what am I afraid of.That someone will recognize me.Where else can I say how I feel truthfully than with others whom have also suffered a loss in their lives.Others whom have not gone through a loss seem to think or even say,it's time to move on,life goes on,etc.To me time doesn't change anything.I still feel the sadness,the emptiness,the longing,for my brother.


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