When I think back to my Past with my brother filled with fun things kids do,going on family vacations,family parties,amusement parks,the beach,etc they were such joyous times filled with love and family togetherness.

When I think now to the Present,up to the time,I loss my brother,we still did some of those things we did as children and they were enjoyable to do.I do some of those things now,but there's no true joy.Life is going forward but without my brother,my only sibling in my life.The months,the years pass and I am still without my brother.My many,many thoughts that go back and forth in my mind.May 28,2014 will be etched in my memory forever as the day my brother was gone.He was found May 31,but the day he went missing is the same day.

When I think of the Future without my brother,I almost don't want to think.Not having my brother at my side ,in my life will be unbearable.I'll have to stay strong,I hope I can be.

The memories I have of my brother will live in me forever.

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