When I think back to my Past with my brother filled with fun things kids do,going on family vacations,family parties,amusement parks,the beach,etc they were such joyous times filled with love and family togetherness.

When I think now to the Present,up to the time,I loss my brother,we still did some of those things we did as children and they were enjoyable to do.I do some of those things now,but there's no true joy.Life is going forward but without my brother,my only sibling in my life.The months,the years pass and I am still without my brother.My many,many thoughts that go back and forth in my mind.May 28,2014 will be etched in my memory forever as the day my brother was gone.He was found May 31,but the day he went missing is the same day.

When I think of the Future without my brother,I almost don't want to think.Not having my brother at my side ,in my life will be unbearable.I'll have to stay strong,I hope I can be.

The memories I have of my brother will live in me forever.

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Give it time. I lost my only child, my daughter Candace on April 9, 2010 at just turned 30 yrs old. I then  lost my little brother Doug on September 22, 2014, he was 54, in less than two months he would be 55. I don't expect to EVER be completer again. It really knocked me for a loop and I don't feel sane. I'm not crazy, I would never harm anyone, but the depression is all encompassing.. We have an older brother and sister. We stay in contact by mail and phone because I live in a different state. They all lived in the same state.They weren't as close to Doug as I was because they're older, although my sister is close to Doug. I can't seem to put things in past tense.

This is Doug on his wedding day 12/0.8/90. They have a daughter who's going to college to be a Doctor.


Candace I am sorry for your loss also. Death is so unnatural we yearn to see our loved ones again. Death is truly an enemy. My prayers go out for you. I too have lost so many it sometimes feels crazy.....But with the strength that God gives i am able to hold on. Wishing you peace. And that's a beautiful picture of your brother.

Thank you, he's a good man.His daughter is going to school to become a doctor. My brother was  a Respritory Therapist and his wife is a nurse. My name is Melinda, Candace is my daughter who left us 4/09/10. Then my friend of 40 yrs passed from a heart-attack. I'm overwhelmed by these deaths of people I LOVE so very much!! Sorry you're here Margaret.

Elyse I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my oldest brother on Feb7th 2014 and it seems like yesterday

I have experienced many loses in my life and it seems like you never get over it you just learn to cope.  Time does make it easier.  One of the things that has helped me is studying the scriptures.

The promises in God's word that give hope for the dead is very comforting.  I have posted many different things on my page that has helped many to find comfort in God's word.  My prayers go out for you.  


To Margaret,Sorry to hear of your loss also of your brother.For me,as time goes on,it becomes more difficult.To this day I have not accepted what happened to my brother.My thoughts run wild.I scanned through your posts which do bring comfort.I'm not of same religion,so some things I don't understand.I'm just beginning to learn /read about the afterlife.elyse

Hey Elyse
I hope your doing well at this time. I haven't been on here in a bit so my response is late. I'm happy you find comfort in my posts. I understand what you mean about thoughts running wild. Death is so unnatural not apart of God's original plan for mankind, that's why it hurts so much. Continue to learn take in knowledge and continue to pray to God for the answers.
Hope you have a very productive and promising day!

When I think about both of my siblings - I kind of turn my head trying not to physically feel the pain associated with the lost.   I do miss them  I do replay the good times and all of the memories but it hurt as it is not natural for any of us to die that is why the pain is so profound.  However, we have a promise given to us in the Bible and I cherish that promise; knowing that our Heavenly Father would not lie and will give us the day when we will be able to hug and love our lost loved ones again.  Revelation 21:3,4. 

That's amazing Diamond. I turned to that chapter and those verses in my Bible and I have them BOTH hi-lighted with a yellow marker! I especially like verse 4!!! I miss my loved ones so VERY much! I've always believed in God since I was a child but when I lost my daughter, it was a whole new ballgame! I HAVE to be good and honor my fellow human beings like God says, to insure I'll see Candace, Doug-lil bro, Grandma Billie and everyone!!

That is a promise given to us Melinda and I trust it.  I know as imperfect human being we do not understand everything in life and sometimes don't understand fully the many challenges of living and coping with the complex issues in life; however, I turn to the Bible where I receive all of my comforts; knowing that we are all children of God and that for those that are obedient he will pave a way for them to live under condition unimaginable at this time.  A time free of distress and the problems of today. (Psalms 37:9,10)  Keep your belief in the promise and search out the scripture for life biggest questions.  Trust in our Heavenly Father for comfort now and in the future.  

I want, need to convince Candace's three daughters she left behind. They are so sweet. The youngest doesn't really recall her Mom but the older two do. Years after and I can still see the sadness in their smile when their school picture was taken. It makes me so very sad. Lord please comfort them and all of us!

Hi Melinda - I read your touching words and felt a sadness come over me.  Melinda, some things in life may have a quick cure - however, death does not....it is a pain which never goes away; some days are good and some days are harder than others.  Our love for our loved ones never dies. The memories of them live forever in our heart.  

I know it is not easy but I do my best to replay the beautiful memories of my lost loved ones.  I look forward to that day when I will see them again. Your love, Melinda that you give the girls will help soothe the pain of yesterday and bring some joy to their heart for today.   Your love will help heal the pain of yesterday - while not causing it to totally disappear - but it will serve as a thread of continuous love.  


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