Thinking of my brother and missing him beyond words.Life is so ... unexpected.To have someone so loved in your life and then gone is heartbreaking.I have many regrets,one being ,that I didn't call my brother/I texted him instead on the last day my brother was alive.It may not sound significant,but it's a link to my brother that fateful day he went missing.I read a quote before that said " Hearts are often broken with words left unspoken" and how True.Because my heart is broken.

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I know what you mean. I was one of the last people he text the night he passed. I didn't have any more minutes on my phone so I missed it. The only reason I know this i checked his phone before we buried him. I had seen my name and one of his friends. He text him back ,but my brother didn't respond. So I regret not having minutes on my phone. I did talk to him early that morning like 2:00 am when we were leaving the casino. He said" ok see ya later n tonight" he got in his taxi. I was the last person he talked to in our family. I think about that night everyday.
Once again my memorial for my brother was taken down,I had it posted around a tree.How heartless people can be.It was a place I would go and talk to my brother and to G-D also.It's not the safest place to be (partially in the woods)so I guess I'm better off at the cemetery instead.I'll see my daddy there also,he's taking care of my brother.And G-D is taking care of both of them.I miss my brother beyond words.


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