I became an orphan this past New Years Eve. My father colapsed around 8:30 am. I was on my way to work. I got a phone call from my sister saying that my stepmother was calling an ambulance. I went straight to my dads house. He was being rolled out on the stretcher as I ran up the drive way. He was awake and in a lot of pain. They wouldn't let me see him but told me to go to the hospital ahead of the ambulance. I believed he was going to be just fine. A couple tests and they would cure the problem and home bound he would be. When I arrived at the hospital my other siblings (there are 8 of us) started arriving as well. About half an hour later they let us in to see him. They took him to cat scan when I got to his room so I waited for him to return. As they wheeled him back to the room he was groaning in pain and the nurse looked at me and said all his children need to come in to see him he was being rushed into surgery. They explained that he had a ruptured aortic anuerysm and it was very serious. I talked to my dad for a few minutes and he said my name and I told him I loved him his last words to me were "I love you too". My other siblings came in so I backed away so they could have a minute and I wasn't even to his room door and he stopped breathing. They worked on him for about an hour and even attempted the surgery right there. I watched them through the window and shortly after the surgeon came out of the room. He asked me if I was his daughter and then gave me the tightest hug and told me he was sorry. At that point I realized the only person thats been there for me since I came into this world was gone. My mother had died 5 years ago. She and my dad had been divorced since I was 3. She wasnt around very often. Her death was hard but this is so much harder. I miss him so much. Everything I do or think about reminds me of him. He was such a wonderful dad even when I didn't think so. I found this site hoping for some comfort.

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Hi Stacey,
I just lost my both of my parents as well. They both were taken from me in a car accident. They hydroplaned on the way back from my band event. They died on the scene at 2:30a.m. They were only 10 minutes away from home. Their drive consisted of 2 hours. This is what hurts the most, because they were so close to home. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine anyone else feeling the pain I do. I have 6 siblings and it has been hard on us all. I am the youngest at 17. I still have another year of high school left and I am just so lost. I can't fathom life without them. It seems so dreadful and dreary. It literally scares me to think I will never be able to lean on them on a rainy day or ask their advice. The loss of them has numbed me and it hurts to think they will never hug me again. I never expected them to go so soon.. they were both age 57. How have yu managed this long? Do you have any tips that might help me? I am really struggling since I lost them less than 3 months ago on 12/06/14.
I lost both my parents. Mom passed away Dec 19, 2014. She was laid to rest Christmas Eve. My dad followed my mom Jan 14, 2015. I feel so lost and also like you, an adult orphan. I don't know how to handle this experience.


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